What is Website Hosting?

By | January 15, 2016

Understanding Web Hosting and How Much You Should Pay
Website hosting is a confusing term to many people outside the IT world. Think of website hosting as a “storage unit” for keeping your “stuff”.

The only difference, is this cae, the storage unit is generally a server located in some data center somewhere around the world. A server is just a high powered super computer capable of doing far more processing than your typical computer.

Does my Website Have Hosting, or Need Hosting?
Every website on the Internet is hosted someplace. If you have a website, it is being hosted somewhere. Hosting is one of those costs of doing business. If someone else was taking care of your website, then more than likely they are either hosting it themselves, or had you purchase hosting somewhere.

What about the Cost of Website Hosting?
Now that you understand what hosting is, and the purpose for hosting your website, let’s talk about cost. There are several types of hosting so I won’t confuse it for you.

The 2 main types are shared and dedicated. While hosting companies could add a lot more insight to this, just understand that hosting generally boils down to either shared or dedicated hosting.

Should I buy Dedicated Hosting or Shared Hosting?
Read the two summaries below and if you are still not sure, get in touch with us and we can help you decide.

Shared Hosting:
Shared hosting is far cheaper than dedicated hosting.  You can generally get a shared hosting account for somewhere around $10 per month.  Most shared hosting is fairly reliable as long as you spend at least $5 per month.  Anything under $5 per month and I have seen a lot of outages.

If you have a simple website, do not rely on it for the majority of your income, then shared hosting is probably fine. If your website gets a thousand visitors a day, then you will not want to rely on shared hosting.

The Shared Hosting Problem
The main problem with typical shared hosting is that your website might be on a shared server with a website that is hosting video games and is super busy all the time. While the shared hosting accounts are not typically monitored, the server that your website is on, as well as hundreds of other websites, will constantly be running out of processing power.  This means your website will slow down for your end users.

Dedicated Hosting:
Dedicated hosting is when you have a heavily used website, lots of people check your website out and you need a super fast loading site and have high volumes of traffic.  If you rely on your website for sales, it is important to have a dedicated server.

How to Get Shared Hosting Prices Yet Dedicated Server Benefits?
I happen to have my own dedicated servers which I use only for my clients. This way, my clients can all pay shared hosting prices, and still have a dedicated server that is only shared with a handful of other websites.

By monitoring what websites are on my servers, I can make sure none of the websites get overloaded.  I don’t even allow certain types of websites to be hosted on my servers.

The benefits to my customers include a dedicated server with very few websites on the same server, and pricing that is in line with shared hosting, as well as our 5 star customer service.

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