My Story

Below you can download my story which chronicles how I never made $1 online for years, and then started making very small amounts, and then got to the $100 days, which isn’t a life of luxury, but really is just the next stop on the way to bigger goals.

I hope it helps you in some way when you go through it to see the process, and maybe if you still have not made any money, then you can follow this process.

Download PDF File Here or Read it Below:

How I FINALLY Went From $0 to $100 Per Day

Is it ok with you if we eliminate the typical Internet Marketing BS?

No fancy graphics or fast cars and exotic vacations, and rags to riches BS?

Just my story how I sucked at IM and learned to have small successes that built up cumulatively into $100 days over time.


Hi, Mike Coleman here.

If you want to read my story and learn some really important skills, tips, and methods then you are in the right place.  If you don’t want to follow this because of a lack of spectactular sales copy and graphics, then you REALLY need to read this.

Why did I leave out the awesome graphics and persuasive sales copy?  Because if you are like me, you don’t know how to do any of that crap and it leaves you thinking you can never be successful because you don’t know how, so you never even start.

Thanks for having the confidence in allowing me to help you get some clarity to why you are not reaching your first goal, and then to take the steps to finally doing so.

In the interest of saving your time, I am going to leave out the usual IM hype, the BS about losing my job and being on my last dime, and then the following week I found the magic bullet.  If you are like me, you are tired of hearing that made for Hollywood stuff.

My situation was simply that I did this while having a day job, a wife, and lots of hobbies like playing tennis, watching football and baseball, and playing cards at the Amvets. Nope, I was not desperate, destitute, and if I didn’t make any money online, then I would just continue my day job.  It would suck, but life would go on. So what changed for me?

What happened to me was I read a book called The Millionaire Fastlane, which I highly recommend you go read immediately. It taught me that getting to any certain level of success is a process, not an event.

In other words, let’s say you are like me, and you spent the last 10 years doing things like making websites for local businesses, learning wordpress, reading the Warrior Forum, and other things to learn about ways to make money.

Along the road, whether you made any money or not, you learned some things, you spent some time hopefully testing things, bought quite a bit of software, courses, info products, tools, etc. Hopefully you spent some time studying and applying some of it.

Your First Day in Internet Marketing

Your process began the day you first learned a little HTML so you could build that 1998 looking website for your client.  Or, if you aren’t 41 years old like me, maybe you’re only 20 and spent the last 5 years learning some programming, affiliate marketing, or social media stuff.  Either way, your process started the day you decided to quit playing video games and watching Netflix in your spare time and start learning.

The good news for you is that you have something already gained in your process to obtaining wealth online.

An internet marketer I respect a ton once said on a webinar that he talked to people who were broke, desperate, and needed to make $5,000 a month.

Six months later he would talk to them or see them again, and they would repeat the same sad story, broke and needing to make $5,000 a month asap, despite not currently making any money.

He explained that if they would start setting some super attainable short term goals, here is what would happen.  Let’s say they learned how to make $5 at first.  No, not writing an article or a Fiverr gig, but just learning to make $5.  Then $10.  Then $50. Then $100.  Basically, taking the process of making $5 and refining it to get to making $100.

He started by writing articles because he didn’t let his ego get in the way.  Too many people think making $5 is beneath them when they’ve never made money online. Here’s the problem with that mindset.  If you can learn to make $5, then you can learn how to do that more efficient and create something more scalable.  But if you never start because you only want $497 commissions, you will stay at zero.

Let’s say they spent 4 months learning how to make $150 in the course of a 30 day period, or about $5 a day.  Depressing to take 4 months to learn how to make $25 a week right?   Or…let me give you a different perspective…

What happened then is they could refine their process and learn to produce that result in just one week, and then one day eventually, getting to that $100 per day figure.

Instead of waiting to hit a grand slam and being broke in 6 months, if they would just take some small steps forward and focus on making $5 a day, then $10 a day, and so on, then over 6-8 months, they would not be at ground zero still.

I am not saying high ticket programs are bad.  I am also not telling you that you have to start by selling something for $5.  Read on…

He went on to explain that deciding to get in motion was huge. He wrote an article for $5 and learned all about that business and eventually wrote a course for article writers to improve their sales.  So he went from writing articles to selling a course that made quite a bit of money.  He multiplied his income many times over by just getting into motion. He learned to create info products to help people improve their business.

Remember this:  once you get into motion, things happen.  This brings me to the next big realization I had as to why I never could make $1 online (I never counted local offline clients as making money online).

So let’s rewind to 2014  when I decided that I wanted to get into something more than offline consulting, because it seemed like the Cincinnati area had a lot of major players in the website and digital marketing business, and they were making it very tough on the individual part-time freelancers like me to compete.

So I found the Warrior Forum and pretty much lived there for some time. Since I had done SEO for local clients and followed a lot of what Alex Becker taught about building PBN sites on his blog, with amazing success for my local clients, I decided to start with creating SEO services.

Massive Competition on the Warrior Forum – No Way I Can Succeed

My point is, I picked what I thought I already knew something about.  So I made some niche sites with high page rank and sold links on them with a Warrior Special Offer (WSO).  I had hired a coach to teach me how to launch a WSO.

In retrospect, I probably could have studied copy from another WSO and watched some videos and asked for help in the forums, but working a full time day job, I preferred to hand over $300 since the guy wrote my copy and did the sales page and did a great job.

Sometimes you have to decide if you can do it yourself, or if you can afford to hire for something and get to market much faster.

I was 110%  scared to death to launch my first WSO as I had never done it, and always thought it was for the big marketers, that somehow, since I didn’t know anyone online, and had no track record, that nobody would buy any links.

Worse, I actually thought people would come on and just be critical and I would be crapping my pants from the horribly bad comments, and it would just be a total failure.

I assumed there were already so many link sellers on there, I had no chance. I probably wasted the $300, and wasted $1000 of my savings buying some high PR home page links from domain vendors.

You know what?  If that had happened, then I would have been no worse off, except for the $40 (now $20) to buy the WSO and the $300 for the copy and design.  I still would have had the PR sites to rank my own offline clients fast.

But, I took some action and I sold all the links within a day of the WSO going live, as the sites were of great quality and the people who bought wanted more.  I literally only had 10 sites, and sold 10 links on each site, and sold out and was super happy.

People were wanting more and I had no way of scaling it bigger at the time.

The customer service end of things, and the constant changing of PR and other things made it a tough service to sustain, so I chose to walk away from it instead of spending hours of time for customer service and it also got expensive buying PR5 domains, which seemed to lose their PR every 6-12 months.

It turned out to be very profitable, but let me tell you, when I clicked the button to make it live, I was as scared that day as the day I rode those rides on top of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas.

So, I just tell you that story to show you the first few dollars I made online. I got over my fear of failure, and maybe my fear of success, and actually launched a service and made good money. A lot of those customers stayed on as link buyers, as it was a monthly service, for over a year.

One link, $15, for 12 months, was $180.  Remember I had 10 spots on each site.  Not all were full the whole 12 months, so I made enough to pay myself back for buying the sites, the WSO fee, and the coaching fee, and have some profit.  It was an awesome learning experience.

You can Google Mike Coleman High PR Home Page Links and you will see the WSO.

My Post SEO World – CPA  Marketing is Next

Let’s fast forward to my next venture. I decided I wanted to learn about CPA marketing because the idea of not having to create a product or service was very appealing.

I purchased several courses and I never could make any money, not even 1 sale with them.  I didn’t spend much on traffic (less than $300) but it was enough to discourage me from pursuing it any more.

Successful CPA marketers would call me a total idiot and I would agree with them.  I still don’t know how they do it, and I refuse to look at their sales pages to this day because I just never really understood how to even select an offer or how to buy traffic for it.

Failed at CPA Marketing – Let’s Try Amazon FBA Next

So, about 6 months after failing to learn CPA marketing, I bought The Amazing Selling Machine.  It was 4 payments of $1000 each, so I spent $4,000 as the idea of selling physical products and making money each day without a lot of involvement was quite appealing.  We made money, and still do today, which I will explain, but first…

You can learn the same stuff that is in that course now by buying about 3-4 courses in the $10-30 range on Warrior Plus. That course had a lot of holes in it.  I had to completely learn the entire process to ship by sea by myself because a $4,000 course didn’t cover how to ship by sea.

One of the products I sourced from China was a little heavy, so shipping by plane wouldn’t be affordable.  I mention just to tell you, many times it’s the marketing behind a course that makes it sell for such a high price, and not the quality.  If you want the complete mindmap for shipping by sea, let me know.

So How Did I Do On Amazon?

My wife invested her savings of about $6,000 into inventory, and I saved about $1,000 per month from website design clients, and not eating out, etc. and we scraped by those 4 months I was paying for the course.  We got our first product in from China in about 90 days after starting the program.

We got it to Amazon 10 days later and had our first product up.  We did quite well with it, and were making about 6 sales per day, with a net profit (before our government takes their 40+%) of about $5 per unit. So, $30 a day, $900 a month for one product.

Not bad.  We got over 100 product reviews, which were all good, a few 4 stars, and the rest 5 stars, and then after 6+ months of nice daily profits, one customer called in and did enough complaining for them to freeze our listing.

By this time, we had 2 more products at Amazon, basically breaking even as we were selling them at a low price to get more sales, and hopefully reviews, but we were not making any money on the other 2 products.

It took us 4 months for Amazon to reinstate the listing, despite the fact we emailed them our invoices from our Chinese supplier proving they were new. We gave them everything they asked for, and it still took them 4+ months.

To this day, that product sells about 4 units per day but we never were able to get to the next level with it, and I think it is in some ways penalized.  The other 2 products are not quite at 100 reviews yet as the sales are slow, despite the low pricing. We could sell units for $1 and get reviews but I don’t want to do that.

So while we have about a $900 per month profit from product #1, I am no longer pursuing that business.  My stay at home wife is, but very slowly and cautiously.

I refuse to put my future in the hands of any company anymore.  Google bitch slapped me when they changed page ranks from PR5 to PR1 on a few domains, and then just stopped updating page rank altogether a year or 2 ago, making it very tough to sell link since everyone evaluated domains based on page rank (a huge mistake by the way).

So, Google basically put me out of business, and now Amazon too.

Amazon bitch slapped me over 1 product complaint.  So my lesson was clear, not to rely too much on any big company (or small company for that matter).

I see similar issues with too much reliance on Aweber, which is why I use Save My List, a software that automates the backups of Aweber, GetResponse, and Mail Chimp via APIs.   I never have to worry about those companies deleting my account due to something they perceive I did wrong.  I also don’t have to login every day and manually back up my accounts.

Yes, I check once a week to make sure the backups ran properly.

If Aweber ever spanks me, I will simply open a new account, with a new credit card, with a new email address, from a new IP address, and I am back up and running, and use some bot software to slowly optin from different IPs around the world with those old emails from my backup, and I am back in business in no time. Or I will just use a Get Response account and import them.

Yes, I am paranoid about companies screwing me over and you should be too.  I keep a 2nd aweber account going and send a tiny amount of traffic to it just so I have a 2nd account with double optin removed in case my first account gets the “big company smackdown”.

Yes, I use a special process I can tell you about for $10 a month that uses the same IP for one account, and a different IP address for the 2nd account, and of course I use different billing address, credit card, emails, etc. for them. No footprints for Aweber to ever know I own both accounts.

I got a little off tangent, but I want to help you. Once you taste success, which I hope to help you with, don’t be surprised if poop happens.  How you deal with it is more important than anything else.

With Amazon’s smackdown,  I went to do a Google search only to find out Amazon does this to 100s of sellers every day, even sellers with millions of dollars in sales and 10s of 1000s of 5 star reviews. Shut them down, cancel their account, no recourse. Completely put people out of business.

At least they only froze one listing, and didn’t give me the death penalty.  But I am sure the next complaint and I will be sent packing. Yes, I can do a 2nd seller central account, but I’d lose all the product reviews and my seller rating, and be too pissed to start over, so I am not going to use my same aweber tactic.  Once Amazon cancels me, I am done, and joining some smart attorney’s class action suit against them for what they do to sellers.

So I tell you all this just to give you an open book about my online journey, what I have learned, and to help you understand that reliance on one company is a scary proposition because you relinquish control.

If you read The Millionaire Fastlane, whether you want to make $10,000 a month, or $100,000 a month, the control principle is very important, you need to be in control.

I anticipate in 2017 that a lot of self-hosted emailing solutions will hit the market and really hurt Aweber and marketers will start moving toward self hosted solutions.

Let’s Look at Some Numbers

So, while I am making a measly $900 from Amazon for the time being, my job pays me about $4000 a month take home, $7000 a month before taxes. Plus, my health insurance is about free, and here in the US a crappy policy will cost about $1000 for me and my wife since we are 40.  So I would really need to be making over $8000 a month to leave my job and never go back.

So you see the problem with $900 a month?  Many problems, a 45 minute commute to work, each way, for starters.  Go watch Office Space, a great movie, and you will see my work environment in a nutshell.  That was my motivation to keep going all those days I made nothing.

Let’s Try Product Creation Next

So, my next venture was product creation.  This is going to be hard hitting. I have numerous products I wrote down, the ideas, etc.  I also have a few of them completed, and it seems like every time I get ready to launch them, something comes up.

Fear of failure probably, disguised as being too busy, or I need to tweak this. Whatever, I am out of excuses. But part of the problem with the product creation is this…

Having a very good service or product is one thing, but creating the sales funnel, membership area, etc. is another.  I really think this is what keeps a lot of people from success, including you.

Think about this:  How many times have you bought something, and immediately thought of 5 ways it could be better?  Plus, the product is very buggy, was brought to market way too fast?

Yet it sells 100,000 copies and makes affiliates rich because of incredible sales copy, graphics, and funnels.  But the product SUCKS.  It totally pisses me off to think about it.

I know that each and every one of you reading this can contribute something of value to the Warrior Forum in the form of a $5 WSO info product.  So, the reason you have not, is the same reason I have not.

Fear of failure, and then also what I call the Chicken or the Egg Syndrome?

So What the ____ is that?

Well, it goes something like this.  I can’t create the sales page yet because I don’t have the sales video done.  I can’t do the sales video yet because I don’t have the members area done, which I need to show the members area in the sales video.

I don’t have the members area done yet because I don’t have the membership software setup yet.  I don’t have the membership software installed and configured yet because I have to add products to it.  I can’t add products to it yet since I don’t have the sales page done, since it requires a sales page.

So this endless tail chasing problem of not being able to even get started, leaves great ideas (or in my case, completed info products, completed highly functional wordpress plugins, etc) on my hard drive.

So, after writing this, I am committing to finally get a few of these products out there. If they are complete busts, it will free my mind of clutter.

I tell you this story to demonstrate that I think product creation is both simple and difficult.  Coming up with ideas is as easy as finding someone else who is selling a crappy service or product and making it better.  Or you can innovate, or create an info product.

There’s lots of ways to get info products or even software ideas.  Go to Code Canyon and look at what is selling and get a developer to make a better version. There is zero marketing on Code Canyon so you should be able to get your WSO and JV Zoo product going with no problem.  But I would not start with software, too much support unless you are a programmer yourself.

Unfortunately, copywriting, design, and sales funnels are tough to get right.  Without it you will have way less sales.  A crappy product will outsell you all day long if they have great copy, design, and a great funnel.  Look at all the crappy WSOs you bought that sold 1000s of copies and turned out the be terrible.  Great copy sold them.

But even a horrible sales page will sell a good product, so don’t let that stop you. You also can try and find someone on the Warrior Forum who has an awesome looking WSO but horrible or no sales, and see about working with them to launch your WSO if you can’t write copy or don’t have any money to hire someone.

Maybe work out a joint venture if you are broke.  I probably should do that since I don’t have much time to allocate to launches.  I should find someone who can launch it and split the product with them.  See, there is always a solution to every problem.

So, while I am still creating products, working my day job 40+ hours a week, and being a good husband, I am not convinced I can make a full time living selling products, as it requires a lot of connections, funnels, copy, design, and a lot of things I just don’t currently have the expertise in.

I do think it will be nice supplemental income, and as I improve my processes the next few, 2-3 years maybe, I do think I will eventually get to a six figure product launch.  But again, I first have to launch another $1000 product launch, then a  $5000 launch.  I need to go through the process and improve along the way each time, learning new skills and processes.

Solo Ads

So while I am working toward that goal, and watching my wife grow Amazon, I decided to get some coaching on solo ads as I had read quite a bit about them and I had learned enough to know that with a list, you can sell traffic and make daily revenues.

Needless to say, I had no idea how expensive it would be to get a list built.  But, I took action, spent the money from my Amazon profits, bought coaching, and here I am several months later with a good understanding how to buy clicks, sell clicks, and how it all works.

I am no expert, but I have a lot of knowledge now.

You can see my sales site for solo ads at – I give you that just to see that getting started and doing something is better than nothing. While I started with no aweber account and no idea what solo ads were, I have learned how to list build for either free, or for a very small loss.  The solo emails I now send to affiliate offers are basically pure profit.  The solo clicks I sell are pure profit.

I will get into more detail on this shortly.

I would not recommend the solo ad business unless you have $2500 or more to invest, and also some more to hire a coach who knows what he is doing. When you first start out, you may be able to break even if you have a lot of skills, but it is tough, and it changes very fast. What worked 2 months ago isn’t today in terms of generating clicks.

UPDATE JUNE 26, 2016

I had to come back and update this because as of June 26, 2016, I am officially making money with solo ads, FINALLY!   I started in March 2016, although my study of solo ads and learning what they were and how they work was long before that. Now, I am happy to say I am focusing more on Solo ads and less on affiliate marketing than before.  You can still read below about the rest of my journey, and at the very end of this, I will provide a link for how I make money with solo ads now.

So I Decided To Look Into Affiliate Marketing

Why?  Well, mostly because Aweber deliverability was starting to get even worse, and I just wasn’t making money with solo ads.  In fact, I started losing money as my optins just weren’t clicking as many links as they used to.

It’s the problem of when things change so fast, I couldn’t innovate to solve that problem fast enough.  To this day, I am tweaking and working on it, but I wanted you to have a frame of why I decided to add affiliate marketing to my growing list of ventures.

Why affiliate marketing for me?  I decided it was a great model in the sense that you didn’t need to create sales pages, write copy, do graphic design, create the product, configure the membership software, make the sales video, create the funnels, create the upsells, downsells, leftsells, rightsells, and everything else associated with product creation.

I also like the idea of getting paid quickly.  Amazon took a lot of time since I had to get products shipped from China, and then also wait for sales to come in.

Product creation took time for me and I suck at copy, design, funnel creation, etc. With affiliate marketing, I can be paid instantly, or at least within a couple weeks, depending on how the affiliate network pays out.

So, I had no idea how to do affiliate marketing.  I am truly embarrassed to admit this, but before I got into solo ads (which was 6 months before affiliate marketing), I didn’t understand some of the most basic things. You will get a good laugh.

I am super embarrassed to tell you this.  But if you had told me you will give me 100,000 free buyer traffic clicks, I would have no idea what to do.  I would not have known how to get an affiliate link and send the traffic to it.  No idea, none. I had never done any affiliate marketing and had no idea how any of it worked.

So, I bought several courses, and a lot of done for you funnels as upsells, and the funny thing is this.  I didn’t know what the hell to do with the done for you funnels. Great, I have a zip file with an index.html file and all these other files, and everything is done for me, but what next?

I had no clue what the process even was. It is really funny to think about how clueless I was.  So by buying lots of WSOs and going through them all, I at least learned how to go and get affiliate links from Click Bank and then learned about getting affiliate links from Warrior Plus and JV Zoo.

I still had no idea what to do with the done for you funnels, and the affiliate links I got from warrior plus, but I at least now had some measure of understanding what I would do if someone offered me 100,000 free clicks.

Now, I continued to buy the $1, $5, even $10 courses, kept reading everything I could to see what people were doing.  I don’t need to feed you all the BS about how one day it just clicked, I found the secret, or some other worn out internet marketing line.

What happened though was a process, where I went from not knowing how to even get an affiliate link, to learning many things including how to choose good affiliate products to promote.

I then learned how to apply to promote affiliate products on JV Zoo and Warrior Plus.

I combined that with the knowledge I had from selling solo ads and decided to just try something.  I already had a basic landing page to get optins from when I was first creating my solo business.  You can see it at

If you think it sucks as a landing page, that’s fine.  I really don’t know if it does or not. See, you can make money without knowing everything!

So this is what I learned, and something you can copy if you are completely lost.  You simply get a landing page created (you can always hire someone on for about $5-10 to create a nice one.  Then I installed it on a domain I bought from Godaddy.  So my next step, was I bought 100 funnel clicks from a guy on Facebook. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to buy solo ads, funnel clicks, and don’t know what the difference is, or any of that.  Reach out to me on Facebook and I will tell you exactly how to buy clicks, depending on what you are trying to accomplish, and how to find good sellers, etc.

A Lesson On Tracking EVERYTHING

Before I tell you the results of my purchase, and how everything ties together, I want to tell you I am a very analytical person and I am OCD about tracking results, and knowing exactly how I did, down to each detail.

You should want to know exactly how something performs when you decide to do any purchase.  Ok, let’s dive in.

How Did I Do In My First Affiliate Campaign?

I decided to buy the crappiest traffic of all solo traffic, just to see if it would work, and only to risk $35.  So I bought thank you page clicks, which are basically clicks that people click on after opting in to a page like

So, I spent $35, and had my funnel click provider send the clicks to my click magic link I had provided him. Why didn’t I just send him the link to

This is something else you probably know, but in case you don’t – when you buy traffic, you need to know how well you did.  With this software, I can tell how many optins, and how many sales conversions I got from each person I buy clicks from.

In other words, if I buy traffic from 3 different people at the same time, I will know exactly how many optins each seller sent me, as well as sales. VITAL information you must have if you are going to do any kind of marketing.

So, I provided my seller the link from the Click Magic tracking software, and he sent 100 clicks.  My landing page averages over 60 optins for 100 funnel clicks.  Any good landing page should do that well.

So, I now have 60 optin subscribers  I can now market to with affiliate offers, or sell solo clicks to. More on that later.

Further, on the thank you page, which I learned to send the optins to immediately, I provide them good value information as well as putting them into a sales funnel which I believe to be the very best marketing opportunity I have ever seen.

Now, there is one important thing to note.  They get a follow up email sequence for a week once they optin to my list. This is crucial. I have seen that the majority of your sales from a new optin will happen within that first month.

After a month, they don’t seem to have as much conversion to the sales funnel of my preferred affiliate program, so therefore I start sending them daily emails either from other sellers (so I send a solo ad) or I send them to good affiliate offers I think have value.

So, to review my method so far, if you only had $35 to start, then do the following.

Get a funnel in place, you can find free landing pages online if you are totally broke.  If you can possibly afford it, get Click Magic tracking so you know what kind of results you are getting.  If you sign up for click magic tracking from my link I will go over it with you, as well as some advanced things you likely won’t learn elsewhere.

Here is one example of something I can teach you.

UPDATE on Web Wealth System:   Below you will read about Web Wealth System – I no longer recommend this program as of June 25, 2016 because they no longer have the $1 per lead CPA program that was a really good program for new marketers. I am currently looking at alternatives but as you read below about Web Wealth Systems, please note it is slightly outdated and no longer recommended.

Something I learned when promoting the Web Wealth System, which is the best program for complete beginners, was they only pay out for leads from what are known as Tier 1 countries. The 5 Tier1 countries include the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.  Tier1, also known as T1, is just expected to be more buyer quality traffic.

So, knowing that Web Wealth System only pays out $1 for each confirmed optin I send them from T1 countries, what I did was modify the click magic setting to only send clicks to this link from T1 countries.  So a normal funnel click or solo ad is about 80-85% T1 traffic, you can see that 15-20% of your clicks would be wasted right?

So, in order to fix this, I checked the box to send the other clicks to a different affiliate program, my favorite and the best program I have ever seen, My Funnel Empire. I could have sent them to a JV Zoo or Warrior Plus product too, or just fulfilled a solo ad client’s order with the clicks.  But the point is, why waste 15-20% of your clicks sending non T1 traffic to an affiliate program who only pays for T1 subscribers?

One more tip while I am thinking about it.  Obviously you are seeing my affiliate links in this article.  Whenever you publish content anywhere, don’t be shy.  Your readers will want to buy from you as a way to thank you for providing value to them.

Along that note – don’t be what I call an anonymous sales dick.  Once someone buys from you, reach out to them and see if they need some help.  Check the emails you use for your aweber mailings, a lot of times people reply to your solo emails.  Make sure you are available pre-sales, and post-sales to help people and to converse with them.

Just don’t be one of those people who sends solo ad emails, or sells affiliate products, and never responds to people emailing you.  Often times people are just stuck with one little question, and helping them means they come back to you to buy more traffic, or when they notice you are promoting something new.

Someone might be furious you emailed them, and once you reply with some “honey” and let them know you are there to help if they want to discuss, more than likely their tune will change and you will likely be the only person ever to email them back.

Then they might be a customer, who buys from you over and over. Or you might make a new friend, or help someone out.  Almost 100% of solo ad sellers never respond, or probably even look at, the responses to their emails. Just like regular brick and mortar businesses, a pissed customer can be a hidden opportunity for more business by helping them.

I am going to give you a tip right now that will help you for the long term.  We will get back to the short term in a minute.  If you have read this far, I know you are so committed, and have such a burning passion to make money online, that nothing is going to stop you.

When you create content, you will have a tendency to just go and place your affiliate link directly onto the content, whether it’s on social media, your website, forum signatures, etc.  If you notice in this article, you will never see direct affiliate links, but rather tracking links if you look at the source code.

You might think I do this to track where my leads and sales come from.  That is one reason, yes. I know which website, which ebook, which solo ad seller, which forum signature link, etc. sends me clicks, optins, and sales.. I know when I get a click exactly where it came from.  This is super important to scale up your successful sources down the road.

But there is a MUCH MORE IMPORTANT reason for using a click tracking software.  Let’s suppose that one day, an affiliate network closes, or kicks you out for some reason.  Remember, no relying on big companies right?

What if the guy who created these awesome programs is in an accident, or goes to jail, or anything bad happens and the program is no longer available?

Or maybe you find better, higher converting affiliate programs down the road.  Anything is possible right?

Do you see the problem here- all these places, such as forums, blogs, your PDFs, etc. will have links to affiliate offers that will go NOWHERE and you lose those clicks.

So what I do, and you should too, is  use Ad Trackz Gold software or some similar software.  It MUST be self hosted, meaning it is on a domain that you control and maintain, and backup nightly.

Once I login to my own Ad Trackz Gold account on my own domain, I then change the destination of those tracking links to wherever I want to send them to. Do you see the absolute importance in doing this?

Maybe one day I won’t renew so I will simply redirect any tracking links I was sending there. This is a major problem I see with people who are pasting their affiliate links without a tracking URL .

I just gave you a link above to my Ad Trackz Gold software affiliate link, but in 2 years if there is something better that I want to promote, or Ad Trackz Gold is no longer as good as alternatives, guess what?  I will simply change the link where that tracking URL goes to, and I won’t lose anyone who clicks on that link looking for tracking software.

You must think I am paranoid, but I just never want to lose control of my assets.  Companies will come and go, screw you over, and all sorts of things.  Protect yourself right now from that, go get tracking software and then you won’t lose clicks 2 years from now when someone reads something you posted online.

Also, a question I get is what is the difference from Ad trackz gold and Click Magic?  I use ad trackz gold to create URLs for every affiliate link I will ever put anywhere, or even domain names, etc.  What I use click magic for is simply to give solo sellers for tracking their traffic, and for rotators, which is an advanced topic.

You need click magic if you will be buying clicks, and you need ad trackz gold if you will ever be putting your affiliate links, domain names, etc. anywhere on the web.

So, this will help you to protect your assets down the road. Just make sure you keep a good backup of your Cpanel where you install Ad Trackz Gold (or other solution) and make sure to renew the domain, and to make sure you do at least weekly backups, if not daily.

I use a VPS with, incredible speed and reliability for $5 a month, plus my $15 a month Cpanel license, so $20 a month.   You can use crappy hosting like Host Gator, the problem is backups. is awesome for automating full cpanel backups.  Only thing is you have to login once in a while and download the backups to dropbox and another location (don’t leave all your eggs in the dropbox basket).

Disclaimer about – their support absolutely sucks, I mean it is worse than anything I have ever seen, even worse than Cincinnati Bell’s tech support.  But damn, I can’t find anyone else who does what they do.  There – I just gave you an awesome product idea, just do the same damn thing with better customer service.

So circling back to getting started in affiliate marketing.

I am going to just show you what I did, it is quite simple, requires very little investment and has a big ceiling, but more than anything, the reason I started with this program and recommend this to my coaching students is this:

You can make $5 in about 1 hour, and you can build on small successes really fast.  You really cannot fail with this particular affiliate program if you follow my instructions from my case study below.

If you were to go out and join Web Wealth System, a measly $27 that has a 60 day money back guarantee, and get with me to help you buy quality clicks, you would more than likely get about 25% or more confirmed optins.  Usually you do better than 25% but I want to remain conservative, not internet marketing BS hype numbers.

So, you would receive 110 clicks (funnel/solo sellers that are reputable send a 10% over delivery so ordering 100 clicks for $35 means you get 110 clicks).

So, at 110 clicks converting at a low 25% for confirmed optin, you would get 28 conversions, so $28.  You now have 28 chances for 1 person to upgrade, for $27, and then you would make the 100% commission they pay you, which would be $27, plus $1 for each lead you sent them, which means you would make $55.  You spent $35, so you have a profit before Paypal expenses of $20.

Now, understand that sometimes you may not get an upgrade on a 100 click order, but you may convert at 30%, which means about break even.  Maybe you get 2 sales on a particular order.

The important thing here is you pretty much cannot lose with that program unless you buy lousy traffic which I can protect you from.  Look at and you will see testimonial, after testimonial, after testimonial, and will know that I can help you learn how to buy good traffic.

I am not saying to buy traffic from me, I am saying I can help you locate good traffic. Remember, the traffic I sell that got me so many good testimonials, was due to learning how to buy from great sellers. I built my list 100% from other solo sellers, sending traffic to my landing page at  So I know how to buy.

Hit me up and I am more than happy to help.

Now, let’s get back to the numbers.  You may lose up to $5 on a campaign, but then you will win some too.  If you are completely broke, and only have $27 to join, and $35 to buy traffic, and don’t even have money to get a click magic account, I would do just that, start with 100 clicks from one seller.

Once you get paid out, then you can reinvest that into 100 more clicks.  With this particular affiliate program, keep in mind you are not building a list, because they keep all the leads. Yes, you are building their list, but understand this:

They continue to professionally market to all those leads you send them and then you get commissions on future sales. Some of the commissions can be quite substantial, especially if people upgrade into coaching programs.  They have an awesome coaching program which comes with a guarantee if someone doesn’t make $50,000 in a year they get double their money back.

So, they do ALL the work.  Remember when I said I didn’t know how to pick an affiliate product to market, had no clue how to email my list as I had no copywriting skills, how in the world could I create a sales funnel that would break even on the front end, and then make commissions, some small, and some large, on the back end, down the road?  Absolutely impossible at this stage in my career.

Am I Crazy???

While most people would tell me I should send them to my landing page to get them on my list, the problem with that, as a complete beginner was this:

I would only get maybe 60% optins of my 110 clicks, so 66 optins, and then let’s say I sent all 66 to the landing page for my Web Wealth System, and using our numbers from before, at 25% confirmed double optins, would only be 16 or 17 conversions, so I would make $17 maybe, on a $35 funnel click purchase.

Maybe one of the 17 leads would upgrade for $27 allowing me to slightly profit.  But if there is not 1 sale out of the 17 conversions, then I lost $17 on a $35 purchase. This is a lot to lose for a new person starting out.

So you have to understand what your goal is. Mine, as a new marketer to affiliate marketing was to not lose money while possibly profiting on the front end, and then earning on the backend over time with these leads.

By running break even or slightly better campaigns, I was able to learn every day, and I was able to get some confidence built.  Remember, each day was part of the process, and it now is almost completely hands off. I can focus on other higher potential programs as this requires almost no time investment to run that business.

But, you might ask – how am I breaking even and slightly profiting, while building future revenue with virtually no time invested?

Simple, I just make a $35 traffic purchase, create a link in the back office of Web Wealth Systems.  Then I put that link inside a Click Magic link, so I can redirect the 20% non T1 traffic to a different affiliate link, and then give the seller my Click Magic link.

Three minutes of work, and then I sit back, and I make at least $30 back, usually more, and sometimes over $50 as 1 of the clicks converts to a sale.  My friend made over $150 with this in a day when I personally sent him 100 funnel clicks and he got 4 sales.  Yes, he was a solo ad customer of mine, and then I saw the light to join this program!

I am not saying that is the only program to join, but it’s great if you have never made any money, because at a minimum, you will about break even on your very first campaign, and you have a 50/50 chance to profit.  Half of my campaigns profit on this.

You won’t make serious money up front, but remember what I said about the process of making money?  Let’s say you did just 4 campaigns in month one.  Let’s say you broke even on 2 of them, and got 1 sale on the other 2.  So, give or take, you basically break even and put an additional 2 x $27 sales in your pocket, or $54.  So in month one you made $54.

Again the numbers are $1 per confirmed optin, so on 110 clicks at $35, and then at 30% conversion, you make $30 or thereabouts.  Don’t worry about exact numbers.  But if you run 4 campaigns you will end up with a sale, so the $27 will put you in profit.

So let’s say in month 1 you make $50 in total profit.  Maybe it will only be $20.  Maybe $100.

The key here is you now have a new skill, and you now have CONFIDENCE.  Now you reinvest your profit, and maybe go work at Taco Bell for a few hours on Saturdays, or cut your neighbors grass, or do something to make some extra money to invest, and maybe month 2 you climb to $100-200 in profit.

None of this is taking into account that the system is going to be promoting affiliate products to all your subscribers after they promote all the upsells, such as advanced traffic courses, coaching, etc. So in months 2 through 12, you can reasonably think to see some extra affiliate commissions (10-30% I think is what they pay out).

So, moving on to month 3, you got the hang of this, and now you get yourself to $200 per month, maybe even $300.

You continue to refine your process, learn what is working, find some other creative traffic sources, basically learn some new skills, or just reinvest all your profits into buying more clicks.

Now you get to $500 per month.  Here is a secret.  The difference between $500 a month (which is $16 a day) and $3000 a month (or $100 a day), is simply one thing:  More process.   In other words, do more of what you are doing.  More traffic, more traffic sources.  More learning.  Not running off into other businesses.   Focus. You will get better each week as well.

So, do you see now, that a complete new person to affiliate marketing, can make their first $1 by getting just one person to confirm optin, and then running campaigns that break even or better, and build an asset?

Your next step will be to join a program where you can get what I call leverage.  There are lots of great programs out there, however I selected My Funnel Empire for one reason, and one reason only.

I can only build my list so fast.  For example, if I go out and buy 1000 solo ads I will get about 50% optins and grow by 500 subscribers.  There is only so much money I can invest in it, and only so much time I can spend negotiating deals and finding good credible solo ad sellers.

So, with that knowledge, I was looking for a way to accelerate my list to higher proportions.  2016 had been good to me, and then just got way better!

With My Funnel Empire, what I found was a unique method that anyone can not only build their list the normal way, but a very unique method to accelerate it with the leverage of other affiliates, without the need to create products.

It is almost as if you have your own product with new affiliates coming on and promoting your business. That’s the best way I can explain it. With a 60 day money back guarantee, I can’t image anyone not giving it a try.

What I liked the most about it was I watched a 1 hour welcome video, and that pretty much explained how everything worked, and then told me how to go get traffic with solo ads, and even explained where to buy them.  It also came with the most important component, the swipe to give the solo ad sellers.

So, the entire funnel is complete, with a high converting landing page, and a high converting front end offer, and then the back end allows you a lot of flexibility in promoting to your list, as well as the lists your affiliates build – a very new concept to me.

Don’t worry, if you wanted to be part of My Funnel Empire, you will not have to have any expertise to be successful in this except for knowing where to buy solo ads.  Do not buy funnel clicks for this – you need to send the swipes provided by the back office to have the most success, or write your own swipes.

But you won’t be left like I used to be not having any idea what to do next.

So wrapping up what I learned about affiliate marketing is the key to your success is finding what will work best for your situation. You know how your loved ones are so good at telling you what you should do?  Well, I don’t want to do that either.

If you are an anesthesiologist reading this because you want to retire and work at home instead of being on call and working weekends at a hospital, you will likely need to go with an affiliate program with massive high end funnels where the commissions are 4 figures.

You will certainly need to invest more to convert more in that situation.  The purpose for telling you my story and offering you my help is to get you from zero to $100 days as quickly as possible.

Actually, I want to get you from Zero to $1, or $10 in profit, as quickly as possible.

I truly hope this has been helpful, and if you are at wit’s end, and have one more run left in you, then go back through this and then commit to following a process for yourself.

Maybe that process is signing up to promote 10 different Warrior plus products a week.  So you can maybe spend 5 minutes a day on Warrior plus telling the vendors you are new to affiliate marketing, you are going to buy solo ads and track your stats and hope to bring in some sales for the seller.

Then you can go buy a solo ad and send 110 clicks to the highest converting warrior plus offer you got approved for. If the commission is 100% on a $10 product, you need to make 4 sales to profit. You could send 25 clicks to each of 4 different offers.

Try and promote a product that has 2 or more upsells, that way you can get into profit with just one hungry buyer.

Maybe your process looks more like mine – I want to break even first, and then worry about making money in weeks 3 and 4, and reinvesting and making it big in 6 months.  That was my process once I get my head around everything.

In that case, I recommend Web Wealth System since you can get paid $1 for each confirmed optin. You can make that back with a 100 solo ads order a lot of times, but at a minimum, you won’t lose your shirt.

Again, clicks vary, you won’t always make $35, but you will average over $35 once you get 10 orders completed, especially if you can afford to spend $40-$55 on solo ads, instead of $35 funnel clicks.

Let me show you some data for today.  I have 3 active campaigns going for My Web Wealth System for June 7, 2016 in which I bought cheap funnel clicks.  I scratched out the funnel click seller’s name for privacy.

Let me go over the below image.

So, the top one – that seller actually sent me 127 clicks – a massive overdelivery!  That is great, don’t expect it, but it happens sometimes when buying clicks.

So, on 127 clicks, I got 29 confirmed optins.  I lost $6, but of those 29 optins, they will continue marketing to them to upgrade for the $27 membership (one time) and then they will also market additional upsells to them once they join.  So, I may end up making that $6 back J.

The 2nd seller (Ruth) has sent 47 clicks so far, out of the 110.  I am hitting 23% with her traffic, so it stands to reason I will probably get about $25 in the $1 commissions, so if none of the 25 people upgrade out of the gate, I will lose $10.  So that would put me in the hole -$16 so far on these 3 traffic purchases from June 7, 2016.

Now, my 3rd campaign, Steven, he sent me 63 clicks so far, and I already made $40 J

So, more than likely, I got 13 leads, and a $27 sale, totaling $40.  So, at 13 leads on 63 clicks, that is only 20% converting to confirmed optins.  So with about 40 more clicks to go, I will probably get 8 or 9 more optins.  So, let’s add the $8 to the $40, and call it $48.

So, $48 in profit on Steven minus the $35 = $13 in profit (most likely).

If I do not get a sale on the rest of Steven’s or Ruth’s traffic, and the stats stay around 20%, which history tells me they will, then I will lose $16.

Total for all 3 campaigns will put me at -$3.  So, I will have added around 75+ leads for $3 that are confirmed optin, received welcome messages from the founder of this program, and are being warmed up to the idea of joining the program for a one-time $27 price, which I get 100% commission.  Then, they will be warmly marketed to upgrade into additional programs including personal 1 on1 coaching, where I earn 10-30% commissions.

Additionally, I would also make commissions on product recommendations they start sending out down the road after they go through their entire sales funnel for upsells within this program.

So I have a lot of chances at additional commissions, and more than likely, Ruth’s campaign will lead to a sale.  If not, you have to ask yourself, is losing $3 to gain 50-75 double optin subscribers into a millionaire’s funnel where he is giving you 100% commissions worth it?  And additional 10-30% commissions on backend upsells and other products?

That is a choice each person makes for themselves.  Some of my campaigns have been winners with this.  Some lost $5-10.  But I have an income producing asset with this and it is virtually on autopilot –  I spend about 1 hour a week buying traffic and providing unique tracking links, and let it go.  I check the stats once a week and see how it is going.  It is almost passive income for me, other than buying the traffic.

So, for me I created a process by learning and fumbling through affiliate marketing courses, and also by meeting people on Facebook in different groups.  It is amazing how much you learn by meeting other people and networking.

I know it’s totally old school, but the connections you make are really going to help take you to higher levels in internet marketing.  Don’t worry about how you are going to meet people making 7 figures right now. Focus on meeting new people.

When you make a solo ad purchase, leave a good testimony for the seller if it went well.  Give them honest feedback.  When you message them, let them know you are not only buying, but also reaching out to meet new sellers and make new friends in the list building business, and just want to test out their traffic for 100 clicks.

I really hope this has been helpful. You can reach my on Facebook at – make sure to friend request me first, then send a private message, otherwise sometimes they don’t send me the private message.

You also can reach me on skype (not as often) at riverfrontmediagroup

You also can reach me at unless I sell that site – darn it, I didn’t follow my own advice and make that link a tracking link, in case I ever let that domain go the way of Godaddy auction.

This is usually where people try to sound all fancy, like talking in the 3rd person, about how he has a blog and is syndicated blah blah. I hope to have spared you the typical internet marketing BS and cut to the chase and kept it simple, non hyped up, and showed you the process I took, and the importance of you creating your own process.

Now go out and be a success today!

If you want to learn how to make money with solo ads, follow my Solo Ad blog here.

Mike Coleman

Skype:  riverfrontmediagroup