How Bad Reviews can Improve Your Sales

By | October 17, 2015

Turning a bad review, or a lukewarm review into more sales can be easy if you know how.

It is extremely important to know that a high percentage of customers look at reviews before buying from your business or using your service. These can come in the form of Yelp reviews, Google reviews, Yahoo reviews, Yellow pages reviews, Judys book reviews, Insider Pages reviews, you get the picture.

Here is a perspective for you, I am going to show you how to turn a bad review into more sales.

Oftentimes a sale is lost because of what a bad review says. It’s not that you got a bad review necessarily, but it’s the fact you have not read the bad review and acted on it.  For example, one tip I always use for my Amazon drop shipping business is that I look at all my reviews as well as my competitors reviews, both good and bad, and then I learn what my potential customers may want.

When you see a good review that says all kinds of good things, but then says, and it would be the perfect product if it did THIS.  Or maybe someone gave a 4 star review instead of 5 because it lacked one main feature.  This is your opportunity to improve your product or service by not only reading your own company’s positive and negative reviews, but all of your competition.

By reading about your competitor who is lighting the world on fire with 5 star reviews, you will see why he is doing so well.  You might learn he is offering something that you offer as well, but nobody knows it, because you don’t have it on your website, in your sales literature, and your sales staff has no clue you even offer it, and probably tells customers no if they ask!

This might seem really obvious to you, but go ahead and check all your reviews, and some reviews of your top competition, even if they are a huge company. Read what people are saying online about your business, and your competition and see if there is something you can take away that would give you a small competitive advantage by tweaking or adding.

This has worked incredibly well for a product I have on Amazon.  Want to know what our secret sauce was for outperforming our competition?  First, we were one of the few companies who went through the hazardous materials training and were able to ship a pair of AA batteries with our product to our customers.  This gave us a nice unique selling proposition that we thought would really help.

While it definitely helped, because how annoying it is to receive a simple product in the mail only to have to search for batteries.  People buy on Amazon for convenience, which we understand so we started there.  Unfortunately, we got a bad review that the batteries did not work and were cheap, etc.  The negative review didn’t hurt us too bad since we had so many glowing reviews.

But being the good customer service person I strive to be, this really bothered me.  Not because I thought the customer was lying, but because I hated that someone had that experience and it put a damper on an awesome product I have on Amazon.

My solution to this problem was a 12 cent solution.  I did some math, and determined that if I had to send a replacement unit out and would miss out on in sales from that unit, after all costs were considered and my sale price being missed out on by sending a replacement unit, I determined that if 1 in 250 customers had to get batteries replaced, it would be the same as giving them 2 sets of batteries.

My supplier in China charges me 12 cents for a set of batteries.  So I started having them include 2 sets of batteries with each unit, lowering my profit by 12 cents per unit, but more than likely, preventing me from getting more refund requests/requests for a new unit and also preventing more bad reviews.

Now, in my product listing, I can include the fact they will get a set of batteries, plus a backup set in case the current batteries run dead at some point. I  include this in a little note so each customer knows we actually cared enough to include an extra set in the event they get a bad pair of batteries.

Simple solution I never would have known had I not looked at every review carefully, and acted upon it.  I also checked all my competitor reviews for tips and see what they were doing well, and not doing well.  Go try and it and let me know how it turns out for you and if you need help solving a problem with bad reviews, or not having any reviews, etc.

Final thought:  Are you showcasing the positive reviews you already have on places like Yelp, Google, Yellow Pages, etc?  If not, we have the perfect solution.  Call us today for more information for a very low cost solution to automatically stream 5 star reviews onto your testimonial page of your website.