List Building and Solo Ad Selling

By | April 14, 2016

So a lot of people have been asking me about my new journey in 2016, product creation. I decided to focus on a “product” that is an asset that can be used on a daily basis to generate revenue instead of a digital product that sells hot for a short period of time and then goes stale. So I arrived at Solo Ads and list building. Here is where I will chronicle my journey. I am a month in, but I can start at the beginning, at least from a statistics point.

My Very First Subscriber – March 20, 2016
21 Days to 1000 Subscribers – April 9, 2016


5 Additional days to 2000 Subscribers – April 14, 2016


What a day April 14, 2016 turned out to be!

April 16 – Got to the 2500 Mark, onward to 3000 we go. Really looking forward to 5000.


April 18 – Got to the 3000 Mark, onward to 4000 we go. Really looking forward to 5000.

April 22 – Got to the 4000 Mark, onward to 5000 we go.  Really looking forward to 5000.

5000! April 27th!


May 3rd- 600 Subscribers – There is a catch to this though… It would have been faster, however I started sending broadcasts to my list for the very first time on 5/1, and it created some unsubscribes, which lowered the number. So as emails start being broadcasted to my subscribers, it will be tougher to get to the next 1000 as fast.