Internet Marketing for Beginners – Coaching & Mentoring Options

By | June 13, 2016

Updated August 28, 2017

One question I am often asked from internet marketing beginners is if they need coaching and mentoring, and what options are out there?  It is a very fair question, and has a lot of different answers.  Since I have been burned by expensive coaching in the past, as well as having had success with it, I am going to give you my perspective on it without telling you to buy my coaching.

Unfortunately, the internet marketing and affiliate marketing industry has propped up with all sorts of coaching programs as upsells to anything you buy these days.  While I do agree that an affiliate marketing mentor or coach can really help you speed up the process to your success and mean all the difference, the price tag is often out of this world.

With affiliate marketing, or any type of online marketing, you will need to take action at some point and do some work.  Whether that means blogging, researching, or doing other tasks, there is no completely done for you entire business unless you are going to pay a lot of money, 5 figures or more.

Keep in mind that a coach just lays out a blueprint and instructions, and then guides you as you have questions.  Make sure you understand this, that you will need to do each step to progress, and then use your coach to instruct you for clarity if you need more instructions.

With high priced coaching programs being pitched at every turn, you will be happy to know that you don’t have to spend $1000s of dollars in coaching.  Most of these one on one coaching programs turn out to be 1 coach mentoring 50+ students.  There is not a lot of one on one attention, but rather a resource area for you to go and study, and then you proceed from there to ask questions as needed, usually over skype or facebook messenger.

When you get started with affiliate marketing, you may be asking if you should hire a coach or mentor but the real question is what value can they bring to you?  If you join the right affiliate program, all you need to learn is how to promote it, and then how to scale things up as you go along. It is not a complicated process if you are just wanting an affiliate marketing success blueprint.

My recommendation is either test out my free coaching platform (disclaimer: you will need to get an account with Get Response for about $19 a month in order to build your own list, so there is a small cost), or find someone with a reasonable price that offers coaching with some personal attention and you feel comfortable working with.

If they don’t have time to answer your questions, it will be unlikely they can mentor you to success. The most important step in affiliate marketing is getting started. I spent years failing and not getting started, because I was not sure how.  Once I finally put together a process, I then started to have small successes that built on each other.  This is possible for you.

I don’t recommend spending a lot of money on coaching until you have made some money. If you need a good affiliate marketing mentor or coaching program, you can join mine for no cost.  For now, you can skype me (skype ID is riverfrontmediagroup) or you can email me,

One caveat is you will need to invest a little bit of money into paid traffic for this, but $100 should be enough, although you can start with just $35 as well.  You will just go slower, but slow and steady is wise starting out if you have limited funds.  It is almost impossible not to come out ahead with the method I will be teaching you.

Hopefully this has been helpful in explaining whether beginning internet marketing affiliates need coaching programs or mentoring programs and how you can get one for free.  For more information about my free affiliate coaching program and the best method in 2017 to earn as an affiliate, click here.