How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

By | June 10, 2016

Someone recently asked me, “How to Make money with affiliate marketing on Facebook?”  It was a really good question because I think they were really asking, how to do that without buying Facebook ads. The best thing I can tell you is anything you do with Facebook and affiliate marketing will be a learning experience, and a learning curve.

While there is no magic bullet, I am going to give you a great start here to get you moving in the right direction.  It is always best to pre-sell your offers.  Let’s say you are promoting the Web Wealth Systems affiliate program, which in my opinion should be anyone’s first program unless they are already making a lot of money.

So let’s create a tool that will help answer how to make money with affiliate marketing on Facebook.

So what would be a good way to go about promoting this on Facebook?  The first thing you will want to do is to join several groups that would be in your target market, meaning other internet marketers, affiliate marketers, and other such interests.  The next step you would do would be to write a very helpful free report, with your picture on it, how to reach you on Facebook, your name, and provide some value.

In other words, create some sort of information product that can provide value to someone. It doesn’t have to be related to the exact topic you are promoting as an affiliate.  For example, I could write a time management free report and use that in affiliate marketing groups.

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on FacebookNext, you want to post that on your Facebook wall, with the URL to download it. This way, all your friends, and people in groups will see it.  If you want to separate business and personal on Facebook, then you will have to figure out getting a 2nd account for business.  You will want to become friends with lots of people so you can get some exposure when writing on your wall. While this can be a powerful method for you, it won’t exactly bring you in 100s of daily leads, so just use this as one method you are doing on a weekly basis.

You could always do a promoted post if most of your friends are business related. This might not work so well if you use Facebook for personal use, and all your non marketing friends and family are your friends. This is why it is important to join a lot of business related groups on Facebook and start getting your name out providing good free reports with value.  You don’t need a best selling book, just a simple report about one simple sub-topic and you will start being seen as an authority.

Another method you could do is forum marketing for affiliates, meaning to post in forums as well and use a signature link.  But if you want to stick to Facebook, create a free report with value in it.  It doesn’t hurt to mention your program toward the end, even create a signature link at the bottom above your picture.  So, you write the free report, and at the bottom, you put a quick sales message with your affiliate tracking link, and then your picture.  Hopefully this helps you answer the question, how to make money with affiliate marketing on Facebook.