How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Fast

By | June 12, 2016

How to make money with affiliate marketing fast is a question I am often asked by new marketers as well as people who have been trying to make money online for a long time and have not had any success. I will try and break this question down for you and send you on your way to fast success online.

Keep in mind that almost everyone who is successful online has gone through a process which may consist of months, or years to get there. While the incredible amount of tools for affiliate marketers can make this path much faster and shorter, you still need to understand a few basics as part of your foundation before you will have any success.

If you are completely new or struggled in the past, don’t worry as I will show you a way you can make at least $5 by tomorrow. I know you think $5 wouldn’t be much help to you. However, when you put start thinking about it the way I once heard what I am going to tell you, I think you will see why we are focusing on $5 by tomorrow, and no we are not talking about creating Fiverr gigs, even though I think Fiverr is a good way to make money.

When you learn how to make 1 affiliate sale, and make your first few dollars, it builds your confidence and therefore motivates you to take more action.  Whether that means writing more on your blog or website, or finding more affiliate programs, or learning how to buy or generate free traffic, you will start taking action.

The problem most affiliate marketers have is once they try a few programs and buy some traffic, and get no sales, they stop and then start trying to buy more information products to teach them more.  What they really need in order to make money with affiliate marketing fast is to find a high converting front end offer with a really good funnel in place that also provides really good backend marketing as well to convert additional higher ticket sales.

If you had a really good high converting offer, let’s say 30% that paid you a decent commission, you could spend $50 on 100 solo ads, and get 100 guaranteed clicks to your offer, and then turn that into some upfront commissions.  The problem with most marketers is they pick the wrong offer when they are new. They go for a program with a high dollar front end offer and buy cheap traffic, or don’t get any traffic at all and wonder where the problem is.

If you simply look at the best way to fast affiliate marketing sales, it is going to be a high converting front end offer that has a really good funnel in place.  Next, you want to make sure you are able to buy decent traffic which will ensure you turn a profit on your very first campaign.  This is a difficult task to accomplish for new affiliate marketers since there are very few programs out there you can reasonably expect to turn a profit on the front end.

how to make money with affiliate marketing fastI am going to introduce you to Web Wealth Systems because they are one of the few affiliate programs that pays you just for bringing in a lead. This means you get paid for the leads that optin, as well as the backend sales funnel they masterfully put in place.  Let me explain how this works, and whether you pursue this marketing program with me and my free coaching or not, the key to making money with affiliate marketing fast is finding a program that meets this same criteria.

You get paid $1 for each confirmed optin you send them.  I have bought 100 funnel clicks, the cheapest and lowest quality of solo ad you can buy, and seen over a 40% conversion with Web Wealth Systems.  What this means is I can buy 100 funnel clicks for $35, and make at least $40.  With virtually no effort on my part, I have made $5.  This is where it starts getting interesting.

A small perfect of the confirmed optins will choose to upgrade for the $27 access and have their own funnel like I have.  You get 100% commissions on that.  So, let’s say just one person signed up for that, which is a $27 commission for you, then you would have very nice profits assuming even a low 20% optin rate.   (20% optin rate would mean $20 to you).

Web Wealth Systems also gives you a percentage commission for the life of each optin you send them as they buy recommended products from their email marketing campaigns.  That’s right, as you send them leads that optin, they will continue marketing them other upsells, including coaching, and other products in their funnel and you will get a piece of those sales for the long term. This may amount to quite a bit depending on how serious you take the opportunity.

The wonderful part about what Web Wealth Systems provides a new marketer is the chance to profit in 24 hours by simply sending a very small amount of traffic.  You can buy a solo ad and have traffic within 24 hours to your affiliate link, and then be in the profit as long as 36 of the clicks optin.  Generally speaking you will get 60% to optin, and the confirmed optin will be much lower, but you only need 35 to confirm their email address and you break even.  Of those who see the offer, you may get a $27 sale, if not more than 1.

This is a great program to make money with affiliate marketing fast since you are able to invest a very small amount of money upfront, and then see fast results.  Then you can get a trickle of additional sales from the customers you have sent them as the funnel works its magic.

A lot of marketers don’t like the fact you don’t get the optins from this program, but I really like the fact they handle all the email marketing, product creation, transaction fees with credit cards and paypal, they handle everything so I am not worried about building a list with this program for myself.  Since I am not a world famous product creator yet, it would be tough to monetize a list as good as what Web Wealth Systems can do.

To wrap this up, I recommend you at least take a look at the sales page, and understand that you really cannot fail if you ask me how to purchase a little traffic to send to the offer, and start slow with just 100-200 solo ad clicks, or funnel clicks, and then watch the progress you make with the confirmed optins, you will see your commission in the back office.  Simple and very effective affiliate marketing for fast profits.

It is unlikely you will ever make 1$ Million dollars promoting this program, but what if this gave you some small income to reinvest in other programs where the dollars are bigger and you start building your own list?  You could also start to see success fast, get confidence, and start learning more about how to operate a successful affiliate marketing campaign and refine your process.

Further, if you see that you are making money on your campaigns, you could purchase traffic every day to send to this program and really start increasing your income each month, instead of sitting at zero because you can’t make any sales with high ticket programs.  In six months, you could be making some really nice daily income if you put your mind to promoting this for 30 days without any distraction.

Remember, there is almost no time investment either with this program if you are buying traffic. If you want to do free traffic methods, it will happen slower unless you are very good at forum marketing, article marketing, or other methods to drive free traffic.

Hopefully this has answered your question about how to make money with affiliate marketing fast.