My “Cannot Live Without” Productivity Tools for Business in 2019

Daily, Weekly, & Monthly To Do List:
Prioritab:  It is a Google chrome extension, and works amazingly well for keeping you on track daily, weekly, and monthly.  No learning curve.

Lastpass:   This works with your smart phones as well as PC browsers, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.  It helps you to keep track of passwords in one place, and you never need to use them .  It is also more secure since you can create crazy complicated passwords, and also share your passwords with others without allowing them to see the password if you want.  My security recommendation is not to use your main email address for your lastpass account, it would be more secured if you did not. Further, it is super important to have a very strong password for your account, and learn the settings such as disabling logins from countries you don’t need to login from.

Invoicing & Estimates

Freshbooks:  If these aren’t your thing, then go get a Freshbooks account right away, it is super easy, zero learning curve, works amazing, and allows you to take credit card and paypal payments when sending your invoices without needing a website or anything else.  Super accounting tool for the non accountant types.


Sanebox.com: this works really well when you get a lot of email, and they have a pretty low cost plan for email overload.  This will help you spend way less time managing your email.

Expense & Mileage Tracking
Taxbot:  this is a wonderful app for your phone and can also be used on a PC, but is great on a phone since you can track your mileage very easily using your phone’s GPS with very little input from you – simply click “start trip” and “end trip” and it does it all for you.  From mileage to all the other expense categories, taxbot helps you to get compliant and tracks it all for you for about 10 bucks a month.

File Storage and Sharing
Dropbox:  Dropbox is great, you can share files and collaborate, and for many people, the free 2GB plan is enough.