Why I Switched from Backup Buddy WordPress Plugin to WP Twin

By | June 20, 2016

I used to use the Backup Buddy WordPress plugin to backup all my WordPress websites. It was a wonderful plugin until a year ago, and for some reason, I felt it became too expensive for my taste to continue using it, since a better alternative became available to me, which I will mention later.

What I Liked About Backup Buddy WordPress Plugin

Backup Buddy did the job it was supposed to do for me when I used it.  While I was never a big fan of the interface, it does an excellent job of backing up from every hosting company I tried it with.  Since I had over 100 hosting accounts at one time building private blog networks for SEO purposes, I wa sable to say without a doubt Backup Buddy did the job.

You obviously never want to leave your WordPress websites out there without a frequent backup, as you never know what could happen with malware or other problems.  Backup Buddy can give you peace of mind in that sense since you can schedule your backups and have confidence knowing your valuable assets are getting backed up.

What Problems Did it Solve for Me?

When I used the Backupbuddy software, it allowed me to schedule backups and also dump them to dropbox which was super important to me.  I no longer backup my computer since anything of importance goes into Dropbox.  This was very important to me since I didn’t want to be involved in the process, I wanted automation that I could just verify was working.

Backupbuddy also helped me to solve the problem of web hosting companies and their ridiculous claims of 100% full backups.  I once had a website hosting on my Godaddy VPS and had an issue where I really needed to restore from a backup.  It was before I used WP Site Guardian, the best wordpress security plugin ever created, and I had some malware get to my website.

I requested to do a restore and the Godaddy technical support told me they only backup files, and not databases.  With backup buddy, you can get your full backups, everything.  This hosting problem was finally solved with this software which was why I started using it on every website I had at the time.  I later found out that almost every website hosting company has this same issue, where they claim to make full backups, but they don’t.  At least not a backup you can restore from, which is crucial to you and your clients’ businesses.

Why I Stopped Using Backup Buddy

There was nothing wrong technically with the Backup Buddy wordpress backup plugin, but I just could not justify the high price anymore since other plugins, such as WordPress Duplicator, MainWP Plugin, ManageWP, and a host of other quality solutions, some cheaper and some more expensive than Backup Buddy.  It was solely a price decision since BB really has everything you could ask for, but just isn’t feasible since it has a recurring price structure.

What was my solution then for WordPress backups?

I settled on WP Twin, an incredible backup solution developed by Rapid Crush, Inc. that allows for full WordPress backups, and I mean everything.  The entire database, files outside of WordPress are optionally included, and it works in virtually any hosting environment.  I have run into highly secured hosting environments where I had to contact their help desk, and they immediately fixed the issue for me.  Their technical support is simply amazing in a climate of no post-sales technical support we live in these days.

The WP Twin wordpress backup script is super easy to use and has the following unique features that make it superior to other WordPress backup plugins and scripts:

  • Works with any version of WordPress
  • Runs on PC, Mac,  Ipads, Androids, iPhones, etc.
  • Clones everything, from posts, pages, comments, folders outside of WordPress, everything!
  • Only takes a few seconds to use with most sites, just a minute or so for very large sites
  • Works in about every hosting environment

WP Twin is the best wordpress backup software you can purchase.  You can patch together some free plugins and do some coding yourself, but all roads always lead back to backup automation and simplicity. While Backup Buddy can give you this, WP Twin can give you this plus more, at a better price, and with better technical support.

WP Twin has become the market leader in WordPress backup and restore with it’s 1 click simplicity for non technical people, as well as developers and programmers.  WP Twin will take just seconds to backup and restore, as well as restore to other hosting accounts and domains.  There is complete flexibility and robustness built into WP Twin.

What About Backing Up WordPress to Dropbox and Amazon S3?

Because of the way WPTwin functions, it does not currently provide backups to dropbox and Amazon S3, however I have provided that functionality myself with a simple PHP script.  If you buy WP Twin from this page, you will receive the script and instructions to install the Dropbox and Amazon S3 companion free of charge.  My WP to S3 software script allows you to backup WordPress using WP Twin to either Amazon S3 or to Dropbox.  Think of it as a WP Twin companion software.

Since WP Twin does a much better job than Backup Buddy in terms of speed and cost, I decided it is a much better investment and WordPress backup solution. Since I wanted to make sure myself and all my customers could automate putting the backups in Dropbox and Amazon S3 buckets, I have provided this functionality.  Simply contact us after you purchase WP Twin with your receipt transaction from Paypal and we will send it right over to you.

WP Twin Support and Upgrades

With WP Twin, anytime you login to the members area, you can download the latest version.  It really has amazing support, is continued with support and is definitely here to stay.  You will never be disappointed with WordPress Twin as the support is amazing if you ever get stuck.  Our WP twin companion script will make sure you get everything into Dropbox or Amazon S3 buckets, or even emailed to you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any pre-sales questions.  Hopefully you can see why we stopped promoting Backup Buddy and now promote WP Twin as the best wordpress backup plugin on the market.