Affiliate Marketing: What is it, how does it work, and how it can be a 2nd income

By | September 14, 2016

Affiliate marketing at its most basic level is simply reselling someone else’s product and earning a percentage of the sale price. The benefit to you, the affiliate marketer, is you do not have to create a product, do any of the product development or testing, or any of the investment in bringing a product to market. A much greater explanation and comprehensive training can be found at Affiliate Marketing for complete beginners.

In affiliate marketing, you simply find a product that someone else already has, and you promote it in exchange for as much as 100% commissions. That’s right, some product sellers give their affiliates as high as 100% commissions because it adds buyers to their lists for them to directly promote to in the future.
In digital product marketing, affiliates often earn 50-75%, which is common over at JV Zoo and Clickbank. The affiliate marketers don’t have any risk associated with the product yet can quickly earn commissions for promoting other peoples’ products.

An example of affiliate marketing so you can better understand it is as follows. I really like WordPress Twin, a product created to backup WordPress websites. Since I enjoy it , I am happy to promote it until something better comes along. This particular product came along with an affiliate program, so I was able to get my affiliate link when I downloaded the plugin, and start promoting it.

With affiliate marketing, there is a lot of methods to track your sales, as you will be given a unique URL from the product vendor. It is advisable to use some sort of cloaking software so you don’t lose commissions, as well as understanding cookie policies so you don’t lose commissions to unscrupulous product vendors.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money recommending products you already use and enjoy. Those who want to make a large amount of money in affiliate marketing really need to create a large mailing list of subscribers who actually read their messages each week. Then, as you recommend products to your mailing list, commissions are earned as they make purchases.

When doing affiliate marketing by mailing to your list, it is pretty important to segment your lists into different types of marketing, such as local or offline marketing, list building, product creation, and other types of online marketing.
If you don’t segment your list, you will be sending different types of offers to people who just don’t care, and eventually your emails will get lost in all their other marketing emails or they will simply unsubscribe altogether.

When you do affiliate marketing, it is always important to make sure what you are promoting is a good product. Too many times in the digital marketing space, I have seen marketers promote anything that will give them a commission, but the long term negative effects of promoting garbage products is really bad for your affiliate marketing business. Only promote products you have checked out yourself and would feel good about buying yourself and putting into use.