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Customer Service Levels in America

Customer Service is the hottest topic in 2016.  It is simply amazing how bad the service level has become for virtually every company type we deal with.  Whether it is a large retailer or your local shipping company with brown trucks, it just seems that nobody gets this right, and worse, nobody really cares.

The absolute lowest hanging fruit for your business, product, product idea, or whatever you have, is  to keep your current customers happy and not have to spend a lot of marketing money on bringing in new customers.  In watching my favorite TV show Shark Tank, the sharks often ask the entrepreneurs the question, “What is your cost of acquiring a new customer?”

I see this on a daily basis with the Cincinnati Bell and Time Warner Cable. The two companies spend massive amounts of advertising for new customers.  To the best of my knowledge, we really only have two options in the Cincinnati market for Internet and telephone service. While Directv is in the mix for television service, at most there are 3 good options.

It is incredible how much Cincinnati Bell spends advertising for new customers.  Same with Time Warner.  Incredibly, they just do not do a whole lot to retain customers in the way of providing good customer service.

Cincinnati Bell has mostly outsourced their phone support to the Philippines.  For the most part, this generally means that people have to call, wait on hold, and then eventually talk to someone on the other side of the world.  The customer service rep is simply going to go off a script, so if it is not your first time calling about a problem, you already have turned everything off for 5 minutes and then back on in the proper sequence.

I am not trying to beat up Cincinnati Bell,  I am just trying to make the point that they make it miserable to even have to call technical support.  Even more baffling to me is that they have no way to open a support ticket online, and then they can call back when they are available.  While they do sometimes have the option not to have to wait on the phone and receive a call back, this again means you still have to talk to someone miles away who will take 5 minutes to pull up your account, and 15 more to figure out that they have to dispatch a technician.

I could go on and on about my personal experience and how pitiful it was with their support, but needless to say, they spend a fortune acquiring a new customer and then drive them away to Time Warner Cable by having such lousy support.  Then of course the cycle repeats itself at Time Warner and then I end up back at Cincinnati Bell.  Their marketing department probably thinks they are doing something right, however it really is just because they haven’t been the most recent company to make me mad enough to switch.

So,  always remember that customer service means a lot of things.  This may not be relevant to you in the sense that you don’t provide a service that big.  But do you answer the phone when people call you?  Do you return phone calls and emails the same or next day to people calling you, either for support or potentially new business?

You may have this happen all the time.  I know I do.  Often times you call someone, say a plumbing company, with cash in hand.  You call 3 more, and still nobody answers the phone. You leave them all messages about wanting to get something installed, or fixed, or whatever the case may be.

At best, 1 in 4 will call back and generally not within a week.  Sound familiar?  This incredible lack of customer service is permeating American business and just seems to be too far gone.  It is almost like the Walmartization of customer service.

I bet in the past year you have called multiple places wanting to buy a product or service, and could not even get someone on the phone, or to call you back, or email you back.  I tested this recently by filling out a new patient form for a doctor office where I drove past their accepting new patients sign.

You guessed it, 2 weeks later and nothing. No email or phone call back, despite filling out the information on their website that I wanted to be a new patient. Their form didn’t ask me if I had insurance or not, so it’s not like they pre-screened me and decided not to deal with me. Just no response.

Another shining example is that a large company called me to bid on a website project for them. I called them right back the same day, found out what they wanted, and I sent them the bid.  I received the job and later asked their marketing manager why they selected me from the 10 web development and design firms they called.

She simply told me I was the only one who called them back.  So, my advise to you in 2016 and beyond, is call people back.  Even if it is for a service or support related call, you never know what else they may be looking for. Go out there and provide someone good service and watch the impact it will start having on your business.

Affiliate Marketing: What is it, how does it work, and how it can be a 2nd income

Affiliate marketing at its most basic level is simply reselling someone else’s product and earning a percentage of the sale price. The benefit to you, the affiliate marketer, is you do not have to create a product, do any of the product development or testing, or any of the investment in bringing a product to market. A much greater explanation and comprehensive training can be found at Affiliate Marketing for complete beginners.

In affiliate marketing, you simply find a product that someone else already has, and you promote it in exchange for as much as 100% commissions. That’s right, some product sellers give their affiliates as high as 100% commissions because it adds buyers to their lists for them to directly promote to in the future.
In digital product marketing, affiliates often earn 50-75%, which is common over at JV Zoo and Clickbank. The affiliate marketers don’t have any risk associated with the product yet can quickly earn commissions for promoting other peoples’ products.

An example of affiliate marketing so you can better understand it is as follows. I really like WordPress Twin, a product created to backup WordPress websites. Since I enjoy it , I am happy to promote it until something better comes along. This particular product came along with an affiliate program, so I was able to get my affiliate link when I downloaded the plugin, and start promoting it.

With affiliate marketing, there is a lot of methods to track your sales, as you will be given a unique URL from the product vendor. It is advisable to use some sort of cloaking software so you don’t lose commissions, as well as understanding cookie policies so you don’t lose commissions to unscrupulous product vendors.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money recommending products you already use and enjoy. Those who want to make a large amount of money in affiliate marketing really need to create a large mailing list of subscribers who actually read their messages each week. Then, as you recommend products to your mailing list, commissions are earned as they make purchases.

When doing affiliate marketing by mailing to your list, it is pretty important to segment your lists into different types of marketing, such as local or offline marketing, list building, product creation, and other types of online marketing.
If you don’t segment your list, you will be sending different types of offers to people who just don’t care, and eventually your emails will get lost in all their other marketing emails or they will simply unsubscribe altogether.

When you do affiliate marketing, it is always important to make sure what you are promoting is a good product. Too many times in the digital marketing space, I have seen marketers promote anything that will give them a commission, but the long term negative effects of promoting garbage products is really bad for your affiliate marketing business. Only promote products you have checked out yourself and would feel good about buying yourself and putting into use.

Why I Switched from Backup Buddy WordPress Plugin to WP Twin

I used to use the Backup Buddy WordPress plugin to backup all my WordPress websites. It was a wonderful plugin until a year ago, and for some reason, I felt it became too expensive for my taste to continue using it, since a better alternative became available to me, which I will mention later.

What I Liked About Backup Buddy WordPress Plugin

Backup Buddy did the job it was supposed to do for me when I used it.  While I was never a big fan of the interface, it does an excellent job of backing up from every hosting company I tried it with.  Since I had over 100 hosting accounts at one time building private blog networks for SEO purposes, I wa sable to say without a doubt Backup Buddy did the job.

You obviously never want to leave your WordPress websites out there without a frequent backup, as you never know what could happen with malware or other problems.  Backup Buddy can give you peace of mind in that sense since you can schedule your backups and have confidence knowing your valuable assets are getting backed up.

What Problems Did it Solve for Me?

When I used the Backupbuddy software, it allowed me to schedule backups and also dump them to dropbox which was super important to me.  I no longer backup my computer since anything of importance goes into Dropbox.  This was very important to me since I didn’t want to be involved in the process, I wanted automation that I could just verify was working.

Backupbuddy also helped me to solve the problem of web hosting companies and their ridiculous claims of 100% full backups.  I once had a website hosting on my Godaddy VPS and had an issue where I really needed to restore from a backup.  It was before I used WP Site Guardian, the best wordpress security plugin ever created, and I had some malware get to my website.

I requested to do a restore and the Godaddy technical support told me they only backup files, and not databases.  With backup buddy, you can get your full backups, everything.  This hosting problem was finally solved with this software which was why I started using it on every website I had at the time.  I later found out that almost every website hosting company has this same issue, where they claim to make full backups, but they don’t.  At least not a backup you can restore from, which is crucial to you and your clients’ businesses.

Why I Stopped Using Backup Buddy

There was nothing wrong technically with the Backup Buddy wordpress backup plugin, but I just could not justify the high price anymore since other plugins, such as WordPress Duplicator, MainWP Plugin, ManageWP, and a host of other quality solutions, some cheaper and some more expensive than Backup Buddy.  It was solely a price decision since BB really has everything you could ask for, but just isn’t feasible since it has a recurring price structure.

What was my solution then for WordPress backups?

I settled on WP Twin, an incredible backup solution developed by Rapid Crush, Inc. that allows for full WordPress backups, and I mean everything.  The entire database, files outside of WordPress are optionally included, and it works in virtually any hosting environment.  I have run into highly secured hosting environments where I had to contact their help desk, and they immediately fixed the issue for me.  Their technical support is simply amazing in a climate of no post-sales technical support we live in these days.

The WP Twin wordpress backup script is super easy to use and has the following unique features that make it superior to other WordPress backup plugins and scripts:

  • Works with any version of WordPress
  • Runs on PC, Mac,  Ipads, Androids, iPhones, etc.
  • Clones everything, from posts, pages, comments, folders outside of WordPress, everything!
  • Only takes a few seconds to use with most sites, just a minute or so for very large sites
  • Works in about every hosting environment

WP Twin is the best wordpress backup software you can purchase.  You can patch together some free plugins and do some coding yourself, but all roads always lead back to backup automation and simplicity. While Backup Buddy can give you this, WP Twin can give you this plus more, at a better price, and with better technical support.

WP Twin has become the market leader in WordPress backup and restore with it’s 1 click simplicity for non technical people, as well as developers and programmers.  WP Twin will take just seconds to backup and restore, as well as restore to other hosting accounts and domains.  There is complete flexibility and robustness built into WP Twin.

What About Backing Up WordPress to Dropbox and Amazon S3?

Because of the way WPTwin functions, it does not currently provide backups to dropbox and Amazon S3, however I have provided that functionality myself with a simple PHP script.  If you buy WP Twin from this page, you will receive the script and instructions to install the Dropbox and Amazon S3 companion free of charge.  My WP to S3 software script allows you to backup WordPress using WP Twin to either Amazon S3 or to Dropbox.  Think of it as a WP Twin companion software.

Since WP Twin does a much better job than Backup Buddy in terms of speed and cost, I decided it is a much better investment and WordPress backup solution. Since I wanted to make sure myself and all my customers could automate putting the backups in Dropbox and Amazon S3 buckets, I have provided this functionality.  Simply contact us after you purchase WP Twin with your receipt transaction from Paypal and we will send it right over to you.

WP Twin Support and Upgrades

With WP Twin, anytime you login to the members area, you can download the latest version.  It really has amazing support, is continued with support and is definitely here to stay.  You will never be disappointed with WordPress Twin as the support is amazing if you ever get stuck.  Our WP twin companion script will make sure you get everything into Dropbox or Amazon S3 buckets, or even emailed to you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any pre-sales questions.  Hopefully you can see why we stopped promoting Backup Buddy and now promote WP Twin as the best wordpress backup plugin on the market.

Why I Don’t Like Sucuri And I Am Not Recommending It

One of the highest rated, but not the best WordPress security plugins on the market is Sucuri.  While it does an excellent job with a lot of things, I am going to explain why I love it, and also don’t love it.  With over 100 WordPress website, I take WordPress security very seriously and try and educate others why they should too. Just like the Microsoft operating systems, wordpress is so wildly popular and mainstream it has become a major target.

The WordPress plugin by Sucuri does a great job with it’s basic hardening features, as well as a fantastic auditing feature. On my most important sites, I leave the free version on just to alert me anytime someone logs in successfully, if I am the only person with a login.  There are a lot of great auditing features with Sucuri.

So why do I stay away from Sucuri’s paid solutions?
Well, for one, Sucuri is expensive, with their lowest current price as of June 2016 being $199, without even having a monthly option.  This is for 1 site!  Their pricing has completely left most people out of the market and what you may not know, is their security isn’t really more effective than other solutions on the market.  While I used to pay a $99 annual fee for a very important client website I had, I no longer can justify it due to the extreme pricing, which forced me to look elsewhere.
Since I have so many client websites I manage, as well as several of my own websites such as this one, I simply had to find a more affordable solution that also provided as good of security, if not better. While Sucuri’s free plugin does an excellent job of protecting your website and auditing it, there are definitely protection gaps that you would need other WordPress security plugins for.The most affordable and best WordPress security plugin I have ever seen is WP Site Guardian, which I will get into more later, but I want to finish going over the issues I have with Sucuri as well as Wordfence, another free WordPress security plugin. 
Is Sucuri Worth the Investment?
I know there is a lot of work and development that has gone into Sucuri’s paid security software and I respect it, and consider it to be a great service.  However it just falls out of the reasonable price range for those of us with multiple websites who need a solution for all of them. So while many people would disagree with my viewpoint on Sucuri security services, I do think they are outstanding, but just not better than lower priced alternatives. I just can’t see the big difference from the Sucuri free WordPress plugin versus their paid subscription that you can’t get elsewhere.
Are there any Alternatives to Sucuri Security Services for WordPress Websites?

The malware removal is the main service they do extremely fast and successful, as I originally signed up years ago due to an infection of a WordPress site.  They do this incredibly well, but once I found WP Site Guardian, I have never once had any WordPress website infected.  It really has made WordPress security a lot simpler, and much more cost effective as WP Site Guardian doesn’t require annual fees, and is an incredible bargain at $47 for a 100 site license, and even cheaper if you only need 1 site license, or a 10 site license.

While price isn’t the only important thing when it comes to using the best WordPress security plugin on the market, it is a big factor.  But let’s take a look at some of the features that WP Site Guardian provides that many of the other WordPress security plugins do not.

Thousands of new WordPress vulnerabilities each year allow hackers to break your websites. Computer World had a great article about a million insecure websites due to one popular caching plugin that had a vulnerability in it.

Sucuri is a great free security plugin, as is wordfence, but they really lack in many areas which I will go over.  In the last 18 months, over 1.3 million websites were defaced and hacked with exploits, which are the biggest problem with WordPress websites now and going forward.  One minior plugin vulnerability left open hackers to inject malware, spam, phishing, and other spyware onto over 50,000 websites.

WordPress has admitted that there was a recent vulnerability that left open a vulnerability for brute force attacks which would affect all 75 million and growing wordpress sites. The biggest challenge now for WordPress website security is that there is no quality control protocols in place.  Most plugin and theme writers and developers are not properly training in security coding practices.  The code isn’t ever checked and that leaves your WordPress site vulnerable.

1 Bad Theme, Plugin or Update & Your Site Is Owned By Someone Else

In this age of the Internet, the hackers have tens of thousands of exploits they can simply download, copy, paste, and press the enter button, and a WordPress site is hacked, that simple. Once a hacker discovers a vulnerabiltiy in your WordPress website, all he or she has to do is Google the plugin or theme name, plus exploit, and they can download the code and implement it on your site without admin access or any kind of cpanel or FTP access.

Most hackers are generally lazy, in the sense they prefer to go after the low hanging fruit and simply download exploit code and do things the easy way.  Unless you are a very advanced programmer that can find that one need in a code haystack, you will never know exactly how exposed you are.

Your Website, Your Reputation, Your Search Engine Rankings, Website Revenue, & Your Domain Value Can Be Destroyed

Most of us build real businesses using WordPress, and work very hard at it, sometimes many years.  We build brands, rankings, and all sorts of assets with WordPress. Then one 30 year old dude in living in his Mom’s basement takes a break from playing video games and screws it all up for you.  Even if you took all the security precautions known to most people, and updated plugins and themes, and kept WordPress current, you still can and most likely will get hacked. There is little to no protection against these exploits.

Hacking creates a lot of headaches to keep you busy for a very long time afterwards.  Your WordPress website will likely be blacklisted and the removal process means you will need to apply to 30+ security agencies to get back in good standing. Assessing the damage done, money lost, and hopefully being able to restore from a very recent backup are all things you will have to go through. You also will need to then plug up the hole the hacker came in through.

Regaining your website’s SEO rankings is a big challenge as well, as you likely will notice some drop in rankings very fast. They may come right back, they may never fully come back, or somewhere in between may be your result.  All of this because you thought your website was safe with a few security plugins!

Using the following exploits, the developers of WP Site Guardian tested a live WordPress website for security.

  • XSS Attacks
  • SQL Injection
  • Header Injection
  • Directory Traversal

The following services and plugins failed the security test:

  • Wordfence Plugin
  • All in One Security Plugin
  • Better WP Security Plugin
  • iThemes Security Plugin
  • Acunetix Plugin
  • Bulletproof Security Plugin
  • Cloudflare
  • Reverse Proxy
  • Server Firewall
  • WP Updates
  • Secure Hosting

Statistics show that 92% of wordpress hacking attacks are done using exploits. WordPress vulnerabilities are around 40%, theme vulnerabilities about 30%, Plugin vulnerabilities about 22%, and 8% brute force attacks – these are the facts and reality of running WordPress websites.

What the real solution to this problem is a wordpress plugin that automatically detects exploits in real time and blocks them in real time. Welcome to WP Site Guardian plugin, that does all this with a simple install, activate the plugin, and forget about it.  On a daily basis, even websites I have online that receive almost no traffic receive countless exploit attack attempts, as I see the email notifications.

There is literally no WordPress website on the planet that is safe from exploits unless you are using a plugin like WP Site Guardian, which I have not seen anywhere.  I have yet to find a plugin that does exactly what this does, and it has had no performance impact on any of my websites.  It has never had a conflict with any theme or other plugin either.

Another great feature of WP Site Guardian is it constantly receives updates available through the WordPress repository as it meets all the requirements and beyond of a plugin for their repository.  When new versions of WordPress come out, the creaters of this plugin are developers and highly responsible coders, and they always update the plugin to keep it current.

Auto Blocks Any And All Exploit Hacking Attempts and Automatically Bans Hacker IP Addresses

This feature virtually eliminates the threat of ever being hacked as it is more behavioral based than signature based. WordPress security plugins that are signature based only know about past exploits and security vulnerabilities.  WP Site Guardian knows exactly what is normal end user behavior, and what is not, and if the bad behavior is over a certain threshold, it automatically stops it and bans the user.

WP Site Guardian is the 1st and I think the only proactive WordPress security plugin that monitors and blocks exploits and other hackers that is behavioral based, which is crucial to your WordPress security.

Does it Block Attacks Even if I have Vulnerable Plugins?   YES!

It is unlikely you will know when or how your website is at risk, as there aren’t any good ways of knowing about any risky themes or plugins your site may already be using.  This is irrelevant with WP Site Guardian as the plugin looks at site visitor behavior instead of specific vulnerabilities, and shuts down all suspicious behaviors and automatically bans their IP address.

You’ll never know if your site is at risk – currently there is no way of getting notified of any risky plugins or updates your site may
When any suspicious activity is detected the IP is instantly blocked & the hacker is banned. This prevents the exploit from executing & also shuts down all further hacking attempts.

WP Site Guardian truly offers peace of mind and while you should still be updating WordPress, themes, and plugins, you will be protected from all these exploits and you won’t need multiple WordPress security plugins, and the payload is extremely low, which means your site speed won’t be affected.

Best of all, WP Site Guardian comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose giving it a try.  You simply can harden your website with the suggestions by Sucuri, and then uninstall it and then install WP Site Guardian and then sit back and have peace of mind.

My recommendation:

My recommendation is to install Sucuri, make the hardening recommendations, and then uninstall it, and install WP Site Guardian so  you can then have a much higher level of security on your WordPress site.

Internet Marketing for Beginners – Coaching & Mentoring Options

Updated August 28, 2017

One question I am often asked from internet marketing beginners is if they need coaching and mentoring, and what options are out there?  It is a very fair question, and has a lot of different answers.  Since I have been burned by expensive coaching in the past, as well as having had success with it, I am going to give you my perspective on it without telling you to buy my coaching.

Unfortunately, the internet marketing and affiliate marketing industry has propped up with all sorts of coaching programs as upsells to anything you buy these days.  While I do agree that an affiliate marketing mentor or coach can really help you speed up the process to your success and mean all the difference, the price tag is often out of this world.

With affiliate marketing, or any type of online marketing, you will need to take action at some point and do some work.  Whether that means blogging, researching, or doing other tasks, there is no completely done for you entire business unless you are going to pay a lot of money, 5 figures or more.

Keep in mind that a coach just lays out a blueprint and instructions, and then guides you as you have questions.  Make sure you understand this, that you will need to do each step to progress, and then use your coach to instruct you for clarity if you need more instructions.

With high priced coaching programs being pitched at every turn, you will be happy to know that you don’t have to spend $1000s of dollars in coaching.  Most of these one on one coaching programs turn out to be 1 coach mentoring 50+ students.  There is not a lot of one on one attention, but rather a resource area for you to go and study, and then you proceed from there to ask questions as needed, usually over skype or facebook messenger.

When you get started with affiliate marketing, you may be asking if you should hire a coach or mentor but the real question is what value can they bring to you?  If you join the right affiliate program, all you need to learn is how to promote it, and then how to scale things up as you go along. It is not a complicated process if you are just wanting an affiliate marketing success blueprint.

My recommendation is either test out my free coaching platform (disclaimer: you will need to get an account with Get Response for about $19 a month in order to build your own list, so there is a small cost), or find someone with a reasonable price that offers coaching with some personal attention and you feel comfortable working with.

If they don’t have time to answer your questions, it will be unlikely they can mentor you to success. The most important step in affiliate marketing is getting started. I spent years failing and not getting started, because I was not sure how.  Once I finally put together a process, I then started to have small successes that built on each other.  This is possible for you.

I don’t recommend spending a lot of money on coaching until you have made some money. If you need a good affiliate marketing mentor or coaching program, you can join mine for no cost.  For now, you can skype me (skype ID is riverfrontmediagroup) or you can email me, mike@riverfrontmediagroup.com.

One caveat is you will need to invest a little bit of money into paid traffic for this, but $100 should be enough, although you can start with just $35 as well.  You will just go slower, but slow and steady is wise starting out if you have limited funds.  It is almost impossible not to come out ahead with the method I will be teaching you.

Hopefully this has been helpful in explaining whether beginning internet marketing affiliates need coaching programs or mentoring programs and how you can get one for free.  For more information about my free affiliate coaching program and the best method in 2017 to earn as an affiliate, click here.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Fast

How to make money with affiliate marketing fast is a question I am often asked by new marketers as well as people who have been trying to make money online for a long time and have not had any success. I will try and break this question down for you and send you on your way to fast success online.

Keep in mind that almost everyone who is successful online has gone through a process which may consist of months, or years to get there. While the incredible amount of tools for affiliate marketers can make this path much faster and shorter, you still need to understand a few basics as part of your foundation before you will have any success.

If you are completely new or struggled in the past, don’t worry as I will show you a way you can make at least $5 by tomorrow. I know you think $5 wouldn’t be much help to you. However, when you put start thinking about it the way I once heard what I am going to tell you, I think you will see why we are focusing on $5 by tomorrow, and no we are not talking about creating Fiverr gigs, even though I think Fiverr is a good way to make money.

When you learn how to make 1 affiliate sale, and make your first few dollars, it builds your confidence and therefore motivates you to take more action.  Whether that means writing more on your blog or website, or finding more affiliate programs, or learning how to buy or generate free traffic, you will start taking action.

The problem most affiliate marketers have is once they try a few programs and buy some traffic, and get no sales, they stop and then start trying to buy more information products to teach them more.  What they really need in order to make money with affiliate marketing fast is to find a high converting front end offer with a really good funnel in place that also provides really good backend marketing as well to convert additional higher ticket sales.

If you had a really good high converting offer, let’s say 30% that paid you a decent commission, you could spend $50 on 100 solo ads, and get 100 guaranteed clicks to your offer, and then turn that into some upfront commissions.  The problem with most marketers is they pick the wrong offer when they are new. They go for a program with a high dollar front end offer and buy cheap traffic, or don’t get any traffic at all and wonder where the problem is.

If you simply look at the best way to fast affiliate marketing sales, it is going to be a high converting front end offer that has a really good funnel in place.  Next, you want to make sure you are able to buy decent traffic which will ensure you turn a profit on your very first campaign.  This is a difficult task to accomplish for new affiliate marketers since there are very few programs out there you can reasonably expect to turn a profit on the front end.

how to make money with affiliate marketing fastI am going to introduce you to Web Wealth Systems because they are one of the few affiliate programs that pays you just for bringing in a lead. This means you get paid for the leads that optin, as well as the backend sales funnel they masterfully put in place.  Let me explain how this works, and whether you pursue this marketing program with me and my free coaching or not, the key to making money with affiliate marketing fast is finding a program that meets this same criteria.

You get paid $1 for each confirmed optin you send them.  I have bought 100 funnel clicks, the cheapest and lowest quality of solo ad you can buy, and seen over a 40% conversion with Web Wealth Systems.  What this means is I can buy 100 funnel clicks for $35, and make at least $40.  With virtually no effort on my part, I have made $5.  This is where it starts getting interesting.

A small perfect of the confirmed optins will choose to upgrade for the $27 access and have their own funnel like I have.  You get 100% commissions on that.  So, let’s say just one person signed up for that, which is a $27 commission for you, then you would have very nice profits assuming even a low 20% optin rate.   (20% optin rate would mean $20 to you).

Web Wealth Systems also gives you a percentage commission for the life of each optin you send them as they buy recommended products from their email marketing campaigns.  That’s right, as you send them leads that optin, they will continue marketing them other upsells, including coaching, and other products in their funnel and you will get a piece of those sales for the long term. This may amount to quite a bit depending on how serious you take the opportunity.

The wonderful part about what Web Wealth Systems provides a new marketer is the chance to profit in 24 hours by simply sending a very small amount of traffic.  You can buy a solo ad and have traffic within 24 hours to your affiliate link, and then be in the profit as long as 36 of the clicks optin.  Generally speaking you will get 60% to optin, and the confirmed optin will be much lower, but you only need 35 to confirm their email address and you break even.  Of those who see the offer, you may get a $27 sale, if not more than 1.

This is a great program to make money with affiliate marketing fast since you are able to invest a very small amount of money upfront, and then see fast results.  Then you can get a trickle of additional sales from the customers you have sent them as the funnel works its magic.

A lot of marketers don’t like the fact you don’t get the optins from this program, but I really like the fact they handle all the email marketing, product creation, transaction fees with credit cards and paypal, they handle everything so I am not worried about building a list with this program for myself.  Since I am not a world famous product creator yet, it would be tough to monetize a list as good as what Web Wealth Systems can do.

To wrap this up, I recommend you at least take a look at the sales page, and understand that you really cannot fail if you ask me how to purchase a little traffic to send to the offer, and start slow with just 100-200 solo ad clicks, or funnel clicks, and then watch the progress you make with the confirmed optins, you will see your commission in the back office.  Simple and very effective affiliate marketing for fast profits.

It is unlikely you will ever make 1$ Million dollars promoting this program, but what if this gave you some small income to reinvest in other programs where the dollars are bigger and you start building your own list?  You could also start to see success fast, get confidence, and start learning more about how to operate a successful affiliate marketing campaign and refine your process.

Further, if you see that you are making money on your campaigns, you could purchase traffic every day to send to this program and really start increasing your income each month, instead of sitting at zero because you can’t make any sales with high ticket programs.  In six months, you could be making some really nice daily income if you put your mind to promoting this for 30 days without any distraction.

Remember, there is almost no time investment either with this program if you are buying traffic. If you want to do free traffic methods, it will happen slower unless you are very good at forum marketing, article marketing, or other methods to drive free traffic.

Hopefully this has answered your question about how to make money with affiliate marketing fast.





How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

Someone recently asked me, “How to Make money with affiliate marketing on Facebook?”  It was a really good question because I think they were really asking, how to do that without buying Facebook ads. The best thing I can tell you is anything you do with Facebook and affiliate marketing will be a learning experience, and a learning curve.

While there is no magic bullet, I am going to give you a great start here to get you moving in the right direction.  It is always best to pre-sell your offers.  Let’s say you are promoting the Web Wealth Systems affiliate program, which in my opinion should be anyone’s first program unless they are already making a lot of money.

So let’s create a tool that will help answer how to make money with affiliate marketing on Facebook.

So what would be a good way to go about promoting this on Facebook?  The first thing you will want to do is to join several groups that would be in your target market, meaning other internet marketers, affiliate marketers, and other such interests.  The next step you would do would be to write a very helpful free report, with your picture on it, how to reach you on Facebook, your name, and provide some value.

In other words, create some sort of information product that can provide value to someone. It doesn’t have to be related to the exact topic you are promoting as an affiliate.  For example, I could write a time management free report and use that in affiliate marketing groups.

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on FacebookNext, you want to post that on your Facebook wall, with the URL to download it. This way, all your friends, and people in groups will see it.  If you want to separate business and personal on Facebook, then you will have to figure out getting a 2nd account for business.  You will want to become friends with lots of people so you can get some exposure when writing on your wall. While this can be a powerful method for you, it won’t exactly bring you in 100s of daily leads, so just use this as one method you are doing on a weekly basis.

You could always do a promoted post if most of your friends are business related. This might not work so well if you use Facebook for personal use, and all your non marketing friends and family are your friends. This is why it is important to join a lot of business related groups on Facebook and start getting your name out providing good free reports with value.  You don’t need a best selling book, just a simple report about one simple sub-topic and you will start being seen as an authority.

Another method you could do is forum marketing for affiliates, meaning to post in forums as well and use a signature link.  But if you want to stick to Facebook, create a free report with value in it.  It doesn’t hurt to mention your program toward the end, even create a signature link at the bottom above your picture.  So, you write the free report, and at the bottom, you put a quick sales message with your affiliate tracking link, and then your picture.  Hopefully this helps you answer the question, how to make money with affiliate marketing on Facebook.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

There are quite a few ways for answering the how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website question.  An excellent reason to do this by the way is because it costs a lot of money to create an entire product sales funnel of your own, as well as getting affiliates and traffic to your website.  So starting out without a website is a very cost effective method for affiliate marketing.

Once you get your affiliate link from an affiliate program, you are ready to go with promoting it.  Before I tell you how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website though, I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t tell you one step you may want to take before promoting that link.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Without a WebsiteBefore you get that link and start promoting your affiliate link, it is super important that you cloak your link with software that you maintain and control. For example, if you simply promote affiliateprogram.com/youraffiliateID – the problem with doing this is if the affiliate program ever changes, or stops having a program for affiliates, or you find a much better program a year from now, you will lose all the clicks that people will click on in the future.

The solution for this is simple.  I prefer to use a link tracking software that gives me statistics and also reporting so I know how many people click on links from different sources.  Plus, it looks a lot cleaner when you give someone a link such as this:  https://www.mikesbusiness.com/wws.  That is an affiliate link to a program for complete beginners who need a method to make money with an almost certainty of success, and extremely low risk of losing any money.

But you can see above I cloaked the link, instead of just pasting the very long link from the affiliate company.  The purpose for this, is I can always change where that redirect goes if I ever stop promoting that affiliate program.  Maybe that program loses its luster, or I find a much better one next year, you never know.

So back to the question at hand: How to make money with affiliate marketing without a website.  So I will assume you have an affiliate link you want to promote.  If not, and you are completely new, I recommend Web Wealth Systems since it is for complete beginners and you can earn small amounts in as little as a day.

What you want to do next, is visit forums in your industry.  In affiliate marketing, a great site with a forum is the Warrior Forum.  It isn’t the only one, but a good example.  Just go out to Google and type in your niche plus forum.  You will maybe need to spend 15 minutes on this task. After completing that task, go to the forums and register, confirm your emails, and then start looking at the discussions going on.

Initially, on your first day, you will want to spend one hour seeing all the different threads people are talking about.  Do not worry about being new and an unknown.  Next your task will be to go into the forum for 15 minutes per day, every day, no exceptions, and find a topic that you have some knowledge about. It is best to find the newest topics, and the most popular topics.  Start answering questions people ask, and even asking thought provoking questions.

Please understand that this method of forum marketing is a steady, long term approach to finding lots of interested visitors to your affiliate link.  See, when they read your comments, they will also see your signature link.  What is a signature link?  When you join forums, you can usually create a signature link. That is where you will want to put the tracking link to your affiliate link.

On the Warrior Forum, in affiliate marketing discussions, I have put a link to my affiliate program so when people read my responses, they are possibly going to click my links.  Will you get a lot of clicks?  Yes you will.  Will they all convert?  No.  But its a numbers game.

The cool thing is that people all over the world will see your link for days, weeks, months, even years.  People will find the forum and search different topics, and your signature is very likely to be found even years later.  It’s extremely important to use link cloaking for that reason so you don’t lose those clicks if you are no longer promoting that affiliate program.

I hope this forum marketing post has been helping and you understand how to use tracking now.  For the best tracking software, you will want to use AD Trackz Gold, and if you purchase here at my affiliate link, https://www.mikesbusiness.com/adtrackzgold I will help you with how to use it at no charge.


List Building and Solo Ad Selling

So a lot of people have been asking me about my new journey in 2016, product creation. I decided to focus on a “product” that is an asset that can be used on a daily basis to generate revenue instead of a digital product that sells hot for a short period of time and then goes stale. So I arrived at Solo Ads and list building. Here is where I will chronicle my journey. I am a month in, but I can start at the beginning, at least from a statistics point.

My Very First Subscriber – March 20, 2016
21 Days to 1000 Subscribers – April 9, 2016


5 Additional days to 2000 Subscribers – April 14, 2016


What a day April 14, 2016 turned out to be!

April 16 – Got to the 2500 Mark, onward to 3000 we go. Really looking forward to 5000.


April 18 – Got to the 3000 Mark, onward to 4000 we go. Really looking forward to 5000.

April 22 – Got to the 4000 Mark, onward to 5000 we go.  Really looking forward to 5000.

5000! April 27th!


May 3rd- 600 Subscribers – There is a catch to this though… It would have been faster, however I started sending broadcasts to my list for the very first time on 5/1, and it created some unsubscribes, which lowered the number. So as emails start being broadcasted to my subscribers, it will be tougher to get to the next 1000 as fast.  www.soloadceo.com

What is Website Hosting?

Understanding Web Hosting and How Much You Should Pay
Website hosting is a confusing term to many people outside the IT world. Think of website hosting as a “storage unit” for keeping your “stuff”.

The only difference, is this cae, the storage unit is generally a server located in some data center somewhere around the world. A server is just a high powered super computer capable of doing far more processing than your typical computer.

Does my Website Have Hosting, or Need Hosting?
Every website on the Internet is hosted someplace. If you have a website, it is being hosted somewhere. Hosting is one of those costs of doing business. If someone else was taking care of your website, then more than likely they are either hosting it themselves, or had you purchase hosting somewhere.

What about the Cost of Website Hosting?
Now that you understand what hosting is, and the purpose for hosting your website, let’s talk about cost. There are several types of hosting so I won’t confuse it for you.

The 2 main types are shared and dedicated. While hosting companies could add a lot more insight to this, just understand that hosting generally boils down to either shared or dedicated hosting.

Should I buy Dedicated Hosting or Shared Hosting?
Read the two summaries below and if you are still not sure, get in touch with us and we can help you decide.

Shared Hosting:
Shared hosting is far cheaper than dedicated hosting.  You can generally get a shared hosting account for somewhere around $10 per month.  Most shared hosting is fairly reliable as long as you spend at least $5 per month.  Anything under $5 per month and I have seen a lot of outages.

If you have a simple website, do not rely on it for the majority of your income, then shared hosting is probably fine. If your website gets a thousand visitors a day, then you will not want to rely on shared hosting.

The Shared Hosting Problem
The main problem with typical shared hosting is that your website might be on a shared server with a website that is hosting video games and is super busy all the time. While the shared hosting accounts are not typically monitored, the server that your website is on, as well as hundreds of other websites, will constantly be running out of processing power.  This means your website will slow down for your end users.

Dedicated Hosting:
Dedicated hosting is when you have a heavily used website, lots of people check your website out and you need a super fast loading site and have high volumes of traffic.  If you rely on your website for sales, it is important to have a dedicated server.

How to Get Shared Hosting Prices Yet Dedicated Server Benefits?
I happen to have my own dedicated servers which I use only for my clients. This way, my clients can all pay shared hosting prices, and still have a dedicated server that is only shared with a handful of other websites.

By monitoring what websites are on my servers, I can make sure none of the websites get overloaded.  I don’t even allow certain types of websites to be hosted on my servers.

The benefits to my customers include a dedicated server with very few websites on the same server, and pricing that is in line with shared hosting, as well as our 5 star customer service.

If you are wanting to host your website with us, please fill out the form below and we will get right back to you.  Pricing is currently $99 per year, and we can offer you a monthly price as well of $10 per month.

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